Monday, August 22, 2011

The Hills are Alive...

with the sound of music. I wanted to post a pic of the route I took to the gym the other day AND post a list of my workout playlist and then the Sound of Music song popped into my head. No, I don't listen to music while riding the bike because I need all my attention on the road but if I did I might be tempted to add that song to my cooldown playlist. Without further ado - here is the route:

And, because I spent WAY too long trying to figure out a better way and couldn't, here is my "workout" playlist in image form. This is the "fast" playlist for cycling or elliptical, etc. I have another one that is not as fast for weight training that I'll post another time. To make it readable you'll have to click on the image. Once the image comes up click on it one more time to make it big enough to read.

So, what do you think? Are any of these songs on your workout playlist?

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