Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On Again, Off Again

Is it Wednesday already? Things have been going well on the exercise front. I started off shaky though, I was so tired on Monday and Tuesday that I walked around with puffy eyes all day and just felt like I could nap at anytime. I was going to take some iron on Monday but I forgot. I still dragged myself into the gym on Monday and put in the effort. I did 25 minutes on the bike and then did chest, triceps and core work. I didn't have time to do the stairs. I wrapped it up with stretching. Tuesday (yesterday) I took the day off but remembered the iron. I'm feeling better today but I don't know if it's the iron or the day off from the gym - either way I am happy to have lost the puffy eyes.

Today was my day home with the kids. We went on a nice little walk in the woods with some friends in the morning. Before the day was done Marek had 3 meltdowns - 2 medium, 1 major - and about did me in. If I need to be "training" for anything it's probably parenting. I don't always have the mental energy or patience it takes to deal with a toddler. Thankfully Miguel came home early and I was able to go to the gym before dinner.

Today was the start of c25k Week 5 and, you guessed it, I gave it a try and it was fine. Kristy pointed out that Week 5 has three runs which, cumulatively, are 15, 16 and then 20 minutes of running. Somehow that made me think I might be able to do it. Anyway, today was three 5 minute runs with 3 minute rests in between and it was great! Runs after a day off often are. The iron probably didn't hurt either. Then I did legs and shoulders, core work and the stair climber. I counted calories burned during the stairs - 50 calories - not bad for 5 minutes, and then stretched. I walked out feeling ready to face the evening.

So I'd pretty much decided not to do a tri this year. I started to think I was pushing it and wondered why I was even thinking about it considering how crazy our lives are right now. I was all set in the "no" camp when I had a chat with a tri trainer (I'll spare you that story) and he has me thinking I can do the Marin sprint without a wetsuit. This would seriously increase my interest. I am going to write to the organizer and see what he thinks. So I was off of the tri, but now I'm sort of back on. We'll see, I have time.

So we've got a busy weekend ahead, we're headed north to go camping. Back to Russian Gulch, where we camped in 2008 pre-kids. I borrowed a Strider balance bike from a friend to see if Marek enjoys it. I am hoping to get some exercise while we're away because my food intake has been not-so-good this week. I am planning to get up on Friday morning and go to the gym, like I did last time.

That's it for me. The next time I post will probably be with camping pictures!


  1. There is no training in the world (that I know of) that helps with toddler meltdowns, but if you come up with one, you should bottle it and sell it.

    Oh yeah...maybe that's called wine :-))

    Have fun camping!

  2. You're doing great, buddy. All those workouts are showing in your attitude, longer running time, and weight loss. Did you notice you're less than 2 pounds to the 80's?! And you're zipping through the C25K weeks! Mucho faster than last time! Have a blast camping. Wish I could be there. Btw, remembered an old blog post of yours about "What's in the fridge" and bought a big jar of pickles this week. Flavor-filled crunchy 5 calorie treats. Thanks : )


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