Friday, September 2, 2011

Really Moving Now!

One last post before the weekend gets away from me.  We are planning Myra's one year birthday party and I have a feeling I'm going to be busy,busy until then.  A quick gym report before I get to the good stuff.

Thursday I had to face the music with Week 5/Day 3, another 20 minute run.  When I got on the treadmill my stomach started growling and I realized it'd been 4 hours since I ate lunch.  Not good.  But, I had a day off on Wednesday and I did not do legs/shoulders in the days prior so I was hoping things would be better than last time, and they were.  Though it was still harder than I would have liked it wasn't a minute by minute personal hell.  I thought a lot during the run about how to describe the level of difficulty and came up with either medium-hard or 7 on a scale of 1-10.  My heart rate was fairly good, my legs ached and, well, it was the treadmill so I got bored too.  After the run I did legs & shoulders for weight training, core work and 5 minutes on the stair climber before stretching.  My entire workout was a challenge and I think it would have been a lot better if I had remembered to eat a snack!  I got irritated with myself, I don't need to be adding to the difficulty by not fueling my workouts.

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to go out with some friends for cocktails.  I needed a mom's night out.  We met up at a nice bar and I had vodka with soda water, the lowest calorie drink I can think of (besides beer that tastes like water).  I was struggling with what to eat but in the end I got a poached salmon salad with the dressing on the side. I also ate 3 pieces of fried calamari and a few french fries from what my friends ordered. All in all I think I did well.  Alcohol is always a challenge, add that to being in a restaurant and it's not easy to stay on track.

The best part though was definitely the girl talk. We all shared and listened and supported one another.  At one point I referred to myself as "plus sized" and they set me straight right away.  So I then re-qualified myself as an "xl girl".  Nope, they didn't want to let that go either, though I really am an xl right now.  Just the support, the encouragement, the positive outlook was so nice to hear.  I sometimes have a tendency to think of myself in terms of who I was years ago, and not just in reference to my body but also my personality.  I have changed.  A lot.  I am me now, and I am a good person.  Sometimes I just need to be reminded of that by some good friends and that's exactly what I got.  So thank you Monique, Erica, Laura, Deb - I'm grateful to have you gorgeous ladies in my life!

Today (Friday) I took a 1/2 day off so I was able to go to the gym only an hour or so after lunch.  I think it helped that I had eaten something recently.  I did 25 minutes on the bike, Level 5 - rocked it!  Then I did back and biceps.  My back has not hurt much lately and my abs feel a lot stronger so I decided to do one set of back extensions and see how that feels.  Doing them felt fine, we'll see if I hurt tomorrow or Sunday as a result.  After core work and the stair climber I stretched and hit the road.

Onward.  Good thing #1 - a mom in my club was giving away her old hard-tail mountain bike and I happened to be on the computer when the email went out.  Well I jumped on the chance and I am the proud new owner.  My beloved old Cannondale (pictured here) was stolen out of our garage a couple years ago (when we lived in our condo, I don't think I ever mentioned it here).  We don't know exactly when it was stolen, we just realized one day that it was gone.  I was so sad because Miguel helped me fix it up and turn it into what we called my "around town" bike.  He bought me a big cushy seat and I had a rack put on the back and a kickstand.  Well, now I have a new bike I can turn into an around town bike.  I just wish I loved it like I did my old bike.  That Cannondale was the first bike I ever purchased, I was living on the big island of Hawaii and I was getting into shape, I cried when I bought that bike because I knew it was a sign.  1995 - 200?  RIP Green Cannondale.

The other piece of good news is, it's weigh-in Friday!!  You know that means I lost or I wouldn't be acting like weigh-in Friday is a good thing.  I lost...ready for it?  TWO POUNDS!   Yippee!  I'm in the 180's with 189.4 pounds.  The hard work is continuing to pay off.  I am thisclose to the 10 pounds lost mark.  Hopefully next week but if not, that's ok too.

Well, that's it for me folks.  I'm headed into a busy weekend but hopefully I'll catch some down time to post. Not sure what my workout plans are, I hit 5x already this week so will probably take tomorrow (Sat) off.  Sunday is Myra's party so I might have to take that off (though her party is in the mid-morning/early afternoon so I might make it.  Monday is a holiday and I took Tuesday off so I know I'll get there those days at least.  I hate to start the week (Sun) with a day off so hopefully I can do Sun, Mon, Tue.

Now that's really it.  Bye for now!!  Hope you get out there and do something fun this weekend!!!


  1. Yay on the 20 minute run too! And the bikes - both level 5 and a new one!

  2. Sweet bike! You're on a roll, too, with 2 pounds down. Yay!

  3. Yea for so many things!!!!

    Girl time!

    New bike!

    Good run!

    2 pounds!!!



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