Monday, September 19, 2011

Won't Back Down

I feel like I'm joining the ranks of nagging pain sufferers.  Throughout the day I find myself wondering things like, could it be my mattress?  am I sitting too much at work?  this or that exercise?  picking up the kids?  weak abs?  abs too strong?  In reality it could be a bit of all these things to varying degrees.  I wish there was a simple thing I could "fix" to make it all better.  One thing I am starting to suspect is that exercise mainly helps.

Oh, and another thing, sort of a "duh" moment.  I need to lose weight.  I am carrying around an extra 40 pounds and that has to be hard on my back.  I think it was all the thinking about the back pain and what I could do to fix it that led me to realize losing the excess weight will help a lot.

So I went to the gym on Sunday.  I was doing Week 6/Day 2, two 10 minute runs with a 3 minute break in between.  I dreaded the treadmill so I almost immediately decided to run outside.  I ran outside and man, it was hot!  At one point I decided to go up a hill, whew, that was a challenge.  I meant to take my garmin and wear it during the run so I could see what my pace was but I forgot.  Hopefully for my next run, a "long" run, I will remember it.  After the run I did back and biceps.  None of the exercises were particularly painful for my lower back but I did do more stretching than normal between exercises.  The stretching actually felt really good.  I did the five minutes of stairs.  I was feeling strong so I upped the pace to 50 steps per minute.  After 2.5 minutes I dropped it down to 45 steps per minute.  I left the gym feeling pretty good and I was glad my back was holding up.

Today, Monday, I went to the gym and did 25 minutes on the bike, followed by chest and triceps.    My back felt pretty good throughout.  It's still hurting a fair amount during the day but getting better each day.  I really believe that if I didn't go back to the gym when I did my back would have gotten worse and worse.  I don't know what the answer is but I'm pretty sure inactivity isn't it. 


  1. Yeah, I agree, exercising AND losing weight will help your back. I always look at each 20 pounds of excess weight as carrying a big bag of rice around everywhere. No wonder parts of our bodies hurt more. Just work on pouring grains of rice out and it'll get better. Yep, that's what I believe, now just have to do what you're doing on an every day basis. Thanks for the inspiration, sister

  2. yep yep yep, what Kristy said! Keep up the consistent work, I hope the back gets its act together soon!

  3. I've had that same revelation, too. ;) I never thought exercise would help lessen or eliminate some of the issues I had.

    Keep on going, Michelle. You're doing great!


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