Monday, October 17, 2011

Crazy Busy Life

Whew!  Still catching my breath after a weekend packed full of fun.  I feel like I've crossed some kind of line when it comes to my weight and body.  I was a size that I was very uncomfortable with, it was hard to move and do the things I wanted, and I felt like I looked really big.  Now that I'm less large I can move easier and don't worry that much what I look like.  Clearly I'm still overweight but I don't feel like the blob I was feeling like, if that makes sense.  I guess now I feel like I'm in the more "normal" overweight category.  And that reminds me, I just checked my BMI and I'm very close to moving from the "Obese" category to merely "Overweight" so in a way, I guess this bears out how I'm feeling. 

On Saturday we took the kids to a pumpkin farm with tons of kid activities.  It was a lot of fun watching the kids explore and run and be happy, active kids.  And my being able to get down on the ground with them, dance around while holding Myra, or squat down to get a photo - well, that's easily 1/2 of what this is all about.  I had so much fun and SO enjoyed having the energy (and enthusiasm) to have that fun. 

Sunday was mostly a home day.  Miguel went to play soccer and I played with the kids all morning.  In the afternoon I did some cooking and then headed out to the gym.  I did my run outside because it was just perfect running weather (those Nike marathoners struck gold with the weather!) and felt like I was moving a tad faster than in the past.  My heart rate was a few ticks higher but I didn't have my garmin on so I don't know for sure if I was faster.  Either way, my run felt great.  I can't believe I'm running 28 minutes without a hitch!

After the run I did legs/shoulders.  The thing that is going so well right now are the walking lunges.  Love them!  My balance is improved and my strength is solid.  I am so happy, feel so rewarded, to be able to do them again.  It may even be time to add a little weight to the mix and hold some 3 or 5lb dumbbells.  I mixed in my core work and ended with 5 minutes on the stair climber.  I did most of it at 43 steps per minute but revved it up to 60 steps per minute for the last 30 seconds.  That was fun. 

My food intake this weekend was pretty good.  I am planning to eat healthy this week and maintain the weight I've lost so far, maybe even lose a bit more.  I'm just so pleased with where I am right now though I'm not too focused on the future, which feels good.

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