Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Gal with a Plan

It's been a very eventful week, though that's the way it's been around here lately.  I didn't get to the gym on Sunday but I didn't let that cast a pall over the rest of the week.  This being Thanksgiving week I'm ok with things not going quite as planned.  Monday started out interesting...

I don't have very many pants that fit well.  They are either too big or too tight.  On Monday I woke up feeling fat and didn't want to wear tight pants, so I opted for a pair that are a bit big and headed out the door.  I had to drop some mail off at the post office before work.  While I was weighing my package I noticed a woman who glanced at me looked immediately to my pants, which seemed strange.  So when I walked out I looked at my reflection in the glass doors and I realized why.  My pants were hanging down in the crotch area to what seemed like halfway to my knees!  Not a good look.  So I realized I really needed a pair that fit.  Fortunately Target opens at the crack of dawn for the holiday season so I headed over there and quickly found some surprisingly cute jeans for not too much dough.  Size 12 ankle and they fit great.  Score!  Nothing like a pair of jeans that fit well to make you feel better.

On Monday at the gym I did a treadmill run (intervals) followed by legs/shoulders and core work.  I didn't have enough time to do my whole routine, which is always a little disappointing, but I was happy to get my full run in and do at least some of my strength training routine.  I still managed to burn over 500 calories, mostly due to the run.  Part of why I ran out of time is something I'm working on for my blog and the resolution season that's coming soon.  More on this as I develop it, but I'm hoping you'll like it!

So in the past few days my mom has called a few times to ask me or tell me about food related stuff - which side dishes do I want, can I make a pecan tart (yes!), should she go low on the salt in the Chex mix? - you get the idea.  I started to realize that this trip might take a little more planning than I'd anticipated.  So I decided I'd keep a food journal for the week.  I'm not going to put myself on any sort of plan, or track calories and such, I'm just going to write it down with the knowledge (and hope) that by the act alone I will raise my awareness and thereby not eat like a Survivor contestant who won a meal.  I started on Sunday and so far it's helped me to make a better choice on at least two occasions.  But what I'm really doing it for is the trip to Southern California.  We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, back to Tuesday.  This time I was able to do my whole workout - the upright bike followed by chest/triceps/core work.  The pushups haven't gotten any easier yet but while I'm doing them I tell myself that I'm getting stronger and they'll get easier.  I ran out of things to do between core work so I threw in some triceps kickbacks for fun.  I did three sets and really enjoyed them. I can actually see some indication of muscles in the mirror when I do them, which is really cool.  If I have time I'll add those to the chest/triceps day.  I wrapped up with a couple fast minutes on the step mill and left feeling good.

Today, Wednesday, has been all about driving.  In fact, I'm writing this while sitting in traffic on the 405 in Southern California.  We left home around 7am, only 2 hours later than I was hoping we'd leave, and so far the road trip has gone well.  Except for the traffic, which started about a half hour ago and will likely turn the remaining 45 minutes into more like 2 hours.  But at least we're in the general area and it's not dark yet. 

So I'm still hoping to do a run tomorrow.  I don't know if I'll pay to do a Turkey Trot or not but I've told Miguel about my plans and he didn't groan too heavily.  They'll be a lot of family around to help watch the kids so my absence won't be too hard on him.  On Friday I plan to go to a local gym and pay a day fee.  And Saturday I'm going to a baby shower in the afternoon and we're driving home after that so I doubt I'll get to the gym that day, though it remains a possibility.  So the new plan is...

Thur:  run
Fri:  gym
Sat:  off
Sunday - start the new week with a firm plan to get 5 exercise days.

I snuck a peek at the scale this morning hoping it would motivate me.  I was down from last week, though not by a substantial amount.  Still, if I can eek out a loss the week of Thanksgiving I'll be super pleased. 

Well, that's it for me.  I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving - enjoyment of every bite of food you put in your mouth, of the friends and family you surround yourself with, and a long list of gratitudes. 

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  1. You must be feeling great in your new jeans! That's great. Good luck over Thanksgiving. I'm horrible at journaling my food, but I really like your idea of just writing it out, no calorie counting. I might give it a try during the holiday season to keep myself accountable.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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