Friday, November 18, 2011

*Not* Too Busy to Exercise

Phew!  I've been busy, busy, busy.  I feel like I'm running from one thing to the next.  The last time I posted was Sunday and it's already Friday.  This kids, husband, household, work, gym thing is not for the weak of spirit.  Thank goodness for a daily dose of relaxation with Marek.  I read books with him almost every night and then sit with him for a bit discussing the day and singing songs.

Anyway, the good thing is that despite the activity level around here I still managed to get my 5 days of exercise.  Here's a quick run-down since Sunday...

Tuesday, gym - 25 min upright bike, legs/shoulders/core, 3 min stair stepper, stretching, 58 min/453 calories
Wed, 5:30am boot camp (I have to note the time, right?), walk/jog there/back, 85 min/659 calories
Thur, gym - 32 min treadmill run, chest/triceps/core, 2 min stair stepper, stretching, 58 min/519 calories
Friday, gym - 25 min upright bike, back/biceps/core, 2 min stair stepper, stretching, 57 min/430 calories

I had to do 4 days in a row, something I usually try to avoid, because of my schedule this week. No other way around it.  I hope I don't pay with a lot of soreness in the coming days.  Back when, I noticed that my body got stiff and sore when I did four days in a row.  Hopefully I can handle it now.  And it won't be the norm, I'm still shooting for no more than 3 days in a row.

So I recently noticed that I burn more calories on days that I run.  I think it's probably because the bike involves sitting on your rump and there's just no way to burn as many calories sitting down.  I started writing down how many minutes I'm exercising too (inc stretch time) just out of curiosity.
The week ahead is going to be crazy.  Tomorrow is my second day off from the gym and I'll start fresh on Sunday.  We are driving to Southern California on Wednesday, returning on Sunday, and I cannot tell you how much I do NOT want to drive 8+ hours with very active toddlers.  But I want to see my grandfather and go to my cousin's baby shower so we'll be hitting the road.  We checked out flying but, given the Thanksgiving holiday, prices were ca-razy!  Drive we must.  Thank goodness for Miguel - the idea of him being there makes it feel doable.

I'm going to use this blog post to figure out my workout plan...

Sun - gym
Mon - gym
Tue - gym
Wed - day off (driving day)
Thur - possible Turkey Trot or run on my own for 32 minutes
Fri or Sat - gym (last time I was in Southern California I paid a day pass fee at a local gym)

We drive home Sunday which means I won't hit the gym that day but that's the first day of the following week so I have 6 more days to get things done.

We have a lot of things on the calendar in the weeks after Thanksgiving.  I'm shooting to not add anything additional.  And I might need to take a day off somewhere in there just to catch my breath.  Good thing I exercise. I believe I'd be a nut case right about now if it weren't for the stress management and increased energy I get from that.  But it's not an endless amount of energy so I'm off to bed.

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  1. i had to laugh at the cartoon of the doctor talking to the guy! inspired a blog post for me so i might "borrow" it! :)


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