Saturday, December 31, 2011

9 Miles and a New Year

I suppose I should be writing a year-in-review and something like a resolution post but I'm just not up for it.  Maybe later this week.  I don't plan to make any resolutions, but maybe I'll put a few goals out there.  We'll see.  I certainly won't be making any weight loss goals for the coming year.  I've already registered for two events so those are easy targets.  Anyway, on to more pressing matters.

I did that 5 mile run this past Thursday - on the treadmill.  And it nearly was the death of me.  I have decided 5 miles on the treadmill crosses a line for me.  It's just too far.  I found myself getting very negative in my head during that last mile and all the mental work that went into keeping my legs moving for that long was just too exhausting.  Instead of getting off feeling content with myself I got off feeling irritated.  That's not good.  So, no more treadmill runs over 4 miles.  At least not for a good long while, until I have some reason to believe things will be different.

The only sort-of cool thing was that I maintained a 5mph pace the whole time.  I did some intervals but averaged out to 5mph so that was good.  I had legs/shoulders/core to do after and when I tried to drop into my first lunge I thought my legs would melt.  I was able to do a couple sets.  Fortunately I was pressed for time so that, coupled with my wiped legs from the run, left me doing only two sets of everything instead of three.  And let me tell you, I was fine with that.  You know I'm not one of those no pain, no gain people.

I'll sneak in a word here about my weigh-in this week.  2.6 pounds down!!  Wait...what?  I eat a ton and I lose the most I've lost in months?!  Wouldn't it be nice if I've not been eating enough?  That's a nice thing with WW, if you're tracking you know, roughly, how many calories you're eating and can compare week-to-week how that affects things.   But I'm not ready for WW yet so I'll just carry on for now.

Friday was a day off from training and I was lucky enough to receive an invite to share some wine at a mom friend's house after work.  The kids ran around like the crazed maniacs they are while a few of us sat around drinking wine and eating pizza.  I posted about my debauchery on Facebook noting, "it's not cheating, it's carb loading" (though I concede wine is not the idea).  Anyway, I had a great time.  As soon as I got home I promptly drank a huge glass of water and hit the sack.  I just realized this is the second week in a row when I drank the night before my Saturday run.  I blame the holidays.

I got up on Saturday feeling fine, thank goodness.  We took the kids to BADM for some new year fun.  I had the 9 mile run planned for the afternoon and I found myself wondering how all this morning activity would leave me come run-time.  Fortunately a friend I texted to run with me was up for the challenge!  (Thanks Karen!!)  We left the house around 3:30pm and ran until dark.  As we neared the end we cut through a park and boy was I glad I wasn't alone!  I might have been a bit nervous by myself.

Whew!  Those were some long miles.  We did 2 loops that involved a couple good sized hills and then decided we were done with big hills so we tacked on two mostly flat loops after that.  I ate two shot blox at mile 3 and mile 6 and I think I ate another one at mile 8.  I'm not sure, my brain was getting foggy around then.  This 13.1 mile thing should be verrry interesting.  My knees were hurting a bit, the back more than the front, and my hips were happy to be done too.  I'd call it a good run - not fantastic (I blame the hills) but certainly not bad.  I forgot to stop my garmin when we stopped so I'm not sure what my official pace was but I'd guess somewhere between 12.5 and 13 minute miles.  Some of that were the brief water and route discussion stops, some were the hills and some were just me being slow.  As usual, I am just glad I got the miles in.

We wrapped up 2011 with Karen and her husband and cutie son over for dinner.  It was a nice, relaxing way to end the year after the longest run of my life thus far. 

I'm going to close with a few pictures of the kids from our outing today.  These two little buggers are giving me the time of my life and I couldn't be more grateful for their energy and love!!


  1. Happy New Year Michelle! Awesome job on your 9 miler. I couldn't agree with you more about the treadmill. I used to absolutely dread it. I still do to some degree but I have found a way to cope for long runs that I must do inside. It doesn't happen often but when it does I just allow myself to go with the flow. I run at whatever pace I want. I speed up with the music and slow down when I want to. I don't allow myself to care too much about my time on a treadmill. For some bizarre reason this works for me and I've done as much as 10 miles on the treadmill. I wouldn't want to do that all the time, but we've made peace!

    Congratulations on your weight loss. What a great month for you. You inspire me. I can't wait to find my groove on the weight loss front again.

    I hope you are having a wonderful new year's day.

  2. I'm only good for about 3 miles on a treadmill. I'm impressed with the 5 you did. I'm equally impressed that you stuck it out for the 9 miler, especially with hills. I've been at this half marathon thing for a while, and a 9mile run with hills can be really daunting, not to mention taxing when you're ready to call it done at mile 6, which is where I start having second thoughts. Congratulations. :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. I really appreciate what you post. You have a new subscriber now.


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