Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rain Running Rookie

I have had a ho-hum attitude since yesterday.  When I got to the gym today I hoped a little exercise would give me a boost.  I changed and got my 3 mile run underway outside.  It was chilly and I'm learning I don't run so well in the cold.  But I did my best to push myself and finished in just under 33 minutes.  And, of course, I felt revived.  Then I went on to do chest and triceps.  I'm still doing 3 "real" pushups followed by 5 on the smith machine but the 3 real ones are getting stronger. I'm in better control as I lower and raise my body.  Maybe next time I'll try doing 4 and see how that goes.

Jumping ahead a bit, my training plan calls for 11 miles on Saturday.  I know I shouldn't complain because I have been SO lucky with this dry winter so far BUT, it's going to be a rainy weekend according to the forecasts.  On top of that we're going overnight to Monterey so I have to do some fiddling with my workout schedule to make things work.  I feel like I'm in a cliffhanger - Will I do my long run?  Or Won't I?  Will it rain?  Or won't it?  I am not making a commitment to run regardless of the weather because if it's pouring and cold out, well, I don't know that I am that hard core at this point in my running career.  I thought I might do something creative, like run 3 on the treadmill and then head outside for 8. 

So the other issue is what to wear.  Other than a mad dash to my car I've never done any running in the rain. I did a little research and I like this Nike Storm Fly Jacket for the not so tiny sum of $80.  I think I need to actually log some rain-miles before I consider such a thing. So far I'm planning to wear some tight-ish running pants, a warm base layer and either a jacket or vest.  Will this happen?  Who knows?  Like I said, a cliffhanger.

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