Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleeping with the Angels

My grandad passed away in the middle of the night last night.  My nana passed away a few years ago and it's comforting to think of them together.  I flew down this morning so I missed seeing him before he passed but I have happy memories with him from this past year and decades before that.  I'm happy with my memories.  Here's a picture of him with little Ms. Myra from her birthday this past September.

And another favorite of mine, I posted this back in Feb 2008 when I came down to LA for my grandparents 65th anniversary.

Ahh, they are such a lovely couple.  67 years of marriage.  Miguel explained to Marek this morning that Grandad is sleeping with the angels.  Marek loves his great-grandad.  I don't know how much he understands. 

So my mom and I ran around today doing busy work to keep her occupied.  We mostly shopped for clothes for grandad's send-off.  We were both feeling worn out from all the shopping so we got lattes around 2pm. 

We got back to the house around 4:30pm and I figured I'd better get out for my run before it got dark.  I had a 5-miler on the schedule with legs/sholder/core work to do after.   I did my run around my grandparents gloriously flat neighborhood but it did get dark about 30 minutes into my 57 minute run.  I was happy to have my bright yellow Nike miler shirt on.  I noticed at about the 3 mile mark that I was teetering on slower than a 12-minute-mile pace so I picked up the pace and finished with an 11:37 average.  Happy with that.

After that I did my best to do my workout with the one 8-pound weight that my aunt found for me.  The good thing was I could do squats, lunges, calf raises, shoulder raises and all my core work - all without a machine.  The only thing I couldn't do were leg extensions.  I felt really good getting my workout in despite all that's going on and not going to a gym.  Tomorrow is a bike day so I hope to sneak off to the local 24-hour-fitness at some point, though it may not happen as we have a very full day planned preparing for the funeral. 

The other up-in-the-air thing is my long run for this weekend.  I just researched flights home and it looks like I'll be flying home Saturday afternoon.  I'll miss most of the day with the kids so I don't want to spend all Sunday morning on a run - I'll need to catch up on my hugs and kisses!  So I'll do my long run here Saturday morning.  That means I don't need to go to the gym tomorrow.  Man, my workout routine is all whacked but that's life.  I will be happy with whatever happens. 


  1. so sorry to hear you didn't get to say goodbye..but he is in a happier place now

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. My grandparents were such an inspiration to me and I miss them every day.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, Michelle.

    I remember when you posted the picture of your grandparents at their anniversary. Such a cute couple, and they looked truly happy. As you've said, they're together now.


  4. ((hugs)) I'm so sorry for your loss. I love the idea of sleeping with the angels. What a beautiful idea. ((more hugs to you and all your family))

  5. So, so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I'm sad for you that you didn't get to say goodbye. I remember when my grandma died, I thought of how wonderful it must be for her to be with my grandpa again. That gave me a peaceful feeling. Hugs and prayers to you and your family.

  6. I'm so sorry about your grandfather. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

  7. Sorry to hear of your loss, what a wonderful looking couple your grandparents were! good effort fitting in those workouts.

  8. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa - 67 years of marriage! You are amazing still doing your workouts - I would have used it as an excuse!


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