Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Staying Flexible

This being a weight loss blog you probably think I'm going to write about stretching.  Nope - I'm writing about skipping the gym.  It happens now and again and today was one of those days.  I had a plan to get up early and go to the gym before Miguel left for work.  But I started waking up with a headache about an hour before I had to get up.  Instead of getting up and taking aspirin as I should have I just kept trying to fall back asleep.  When the alarm went off I made a quick executive decision and bagged the gym. 

I thought I might go when Miguel got home from work but I didn't commit.  I just felt so stiff and tired.  Most times when this happens, as the day goes on I get to feeling better and I end up going.  But today I didn't change my mind and that's pretty much how I knew it was the right decision.  I have a tendency to be rigid about going to the gym so when I decide not to go I try to trust my instincts.  Of course as I'm writing this I wonder if I'm fooling myself into thinking it's ok to skip the gym.  But I know that's not true so I'm not going to sweat it.  Literally.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up at 5am for my 5 mile run. That also makes me feel better about taking a pass today.  Those early mornings are hard, even harder when I'm going for an outside run.  I could, perhaps, go to the gym on Friday to make up for today given that Saturday's "long run" is a step-back to only 6 miles.  That will put me at 4 days in a row of exercise though, something I try to avoid.  Decisions, decisions.  All I know is that the details like this don't make such a huge difference in the big picture, as long as I stay on my path, and that means staying flexible, it will all work out fine.  We'll see...

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