Friday, February 24, 2012

Chuga, chuga, chuga

Last time I posted I was wondering if I'd get to the gym on Wednesday night.  The good news is that I did.  Miguel gave me a little bit of flak, which is unusual, but I went.  And it's a good thing I did because yesterday (Thur) was so hectic I couldn't get there at all.  So now I'm still on track (hence, my train sound title) to meet my goal this week.  Today is super busy too so this will be a short post. 

I hopped on the scale this morning hoping for some positive feedback and bing!  171.6 pounds.  That's a 2.6 pound drop from last week.  But I don't think I really lost 2.6 pounds this week because the week prior I was 172.2 so I think last week's weight was a fluke.  Maybe I was retaining a bunch of water or something.  Doesn't matter, I'm heading in the right direction. 

I've made some better choices this week, trying to reign in the random food intake that's been happening that I've been choosing a lot since - well, since my grandfather's funeral.  And I wore a skirt today in the hopes that it would remind me to make better choices.  It's not particularly tight but just having less clothes covering my body has an effect I think.  I couldn't fit my whole self in the picture (I had to stand on a box to even get the skirt in the picture) but there you go.  The denim skirt is a somewhat new purchase, I snagged it at an Ann Taylor loft outlet store for less than 5 bucks!  It's a size 8, which I am not, I am firmly in the size 10 camp, but it's really stretchy and I could tell the size 10 would be too loose before long.  Still, despite my higher brain knowing it's not true, on some deep, primal level it feels good to have the number 8 on my tag.  Ah the psychology of women and size.  Now I just have to laugh at myself because I started out by saying how busy today is but I still had time to take a picture of myself in the bathroom!  I know my fellow bloggers will understand. 

This weekend will be tricky.  Miguel is pretty much out of the family picture, he's got some stuff going on with his friends so I'll be essentially on my own.  My mom is coming to hang out with us tomorrow and will spend the night so that will help.  She's already given the all-clear for me to go to the gym while they nap.  Hopefully I can convince her to stay long enough on Sunday for me to go to the gym that day too.  And look at the weather forecast!  I have to dream up something fun to do with the kids.  Can't let these dry winter days go to waste. Maybe a hike is in order. We'll see...I may not be dress my kids cute with gel or bows in their hair mom but I can be take my kids on fun adventures mom.

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