Monday, February 27, 2012

A Good Run

I forgot to mention that I got a haircut last week.  It was getting long and sort of sad looking so I had her go a little shorter than usual.  I am happy with it.  Sort of sporty looking.  I don't think the picture really shows the haircut very much but you get the idea.  My face still has that wide chubby look to it, I remember when I lost weight pre-kids it went away but I don't remember what weight that was.  I guess I'll just have to see when it happens this time. 

Anyway, Miguel was back in the family game early on Sunday so I was able to get to the gym.  The weather was nice so I hit the road for an outdoor run.  I had my heart rate monitor on but not the gps one so I couldn't see my pace at any given time.  I think this was a good thing, sometimes it's good for me to run by feel and not pay too much attention to the numbers.  I still glance at my heart rate now and then, which has a similar effect ("oh, too fast, slow down...too slow, speed up") but it's less complicated than the pace thing.  I probably do best when I don't look at any of these gadgets until the last mile. 

Anyway, I was running along and feeling pretty good, though breathing hard, when I realized I couldn't really "feel" my legs.  What I mean is, they weren't holding me back in any way.  The only thing challenging me was being able to keep up cardio-wise, if that makes sense.  My legs felt like I could run forever, which was a nice feeling, and one I haven't had in a while.  When all was said and done I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes.  An 11:00 mm (minute mile) pace is awesome!  The fastest I've ever done this run was a 10:46mm back in early January.   I need to beat that time.  I know I can do it, I just have to wait for the stars to align and then give-it-a-go. 

After the run I had legs/shoulders/core work to do.  I did my squats and then one of my new exercises for my shoulders with the medicine ball. I use the 10 pound ball and raise it overhead 10x and then reach out in front 10x and hold it for 10 seconds out in front at the end.  I did three sets.  Whew!  Killer.  I did a bunch of shoulder stuff yesterday actually, the lying shoulder thing and lateral raises.  I had plenty of time so I just kept tacking things on for fun.  Lunges, leg extensions, supine hip extensions on the Swiss ball - it was all there.  And I did the plank with one leg in the air again.  I'm enjoying pushing myself.  I want to get to the point where I can do more body weight resistance stuff but I need my body to get a little lighter first.  For example, I really hope I can do pullups one day.  But pulling up a 170+ pound body ain't gonna happen so that's for down the road, if ever.

I'll spare you all the food details from this weekend, including an encounter with a box of See's Candy from last night.  Suffice it to say the weekend is over and I will be tightening up the belt this week to try and compensate.   Happy Monday!!


  1. Love this blog. Love your haircut. I've also had some encounters with multiple chocolate bars the last several days. Thanks for keeping me motivated and inspiring me to make good choices (even if it means 3 steps forward, one giant candy bar step back).

  2. I love this blog too - real, honest and lovely! Nice haircut and great work on the run!

  3. Wth??!,!,, I absolutely love the new haircut..and NO chubby wide face. At. All. Look again girly. You look so young and happy and fabulous! Sheesh. You have a funhouse mirror there or something?


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