Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sand, Water and Friends at Stinson Beach

I went to the gym yesterday and just knew I needed to run outside.  The treadmill is still quite tough for me mentally and the sun was still out so I did 3 miles outside.  Running felt like more of a challenge than I expected, I think it’s because I've shifted the focus to cycling and I’m no longer doing long runs on the weekends. The first mile I did in a little less than 12 minutes, the second was the same but by the third I felt like I wanted to push things some so I did it in a little less than 11 minutes.  I did 3 miles in 34 minutes and was happy with that.  I headed inside to do my strength training, chest/triceps/core.  I started with pushups, they were harder than they have been.  I checked my log and I haven’t done chest/triceps in a week so I think that’s why.  I tried one of the new Swiss ball exercises the trainer gave me, not sure if I will keep it.  And I added a new twist to my plank, I held the plank with arms straight for 20 seconds and then I lifted one leg for the remaining 20 seconds.  The next time I lifted the other leg.  It was a nice change and definitely a challenge.  I’d like to say I left the gym feeling great but I didn’t, I just felt glad it was over.  That’s just how it goes sometimes.

Today I am home with the kiddies, the funnest (pretty sure that’s not a word) but hardest day of the week.  A friend emailed last night about going to the beach and that sounded like a fabulous idea (Thanks Sara!).  So the minute we got up this morning I was working to get out the door in time to meet everyone to caravan the hour or so drive.  Boy did we have fun!  Well, most of the day.  We had a big wave scare the crap out of all three of us.  I was holding Myra and watching Marek play in the waves as they washed up on the beach.  Marek got knocked down and was flailing so I set Myra down on the beach to go help him.  Well, the wave was big enough that it reached where I left her and when I turned around to bring Marek out of the water I see Myra on her back with the wave rolling past her.  Fortunately she was on her back and it wasn't deep enough to cover her face but she was terrified!  I’ve got Marek in my arms and I’m running back to get her.  It was a scary moment for all of us.  Afterward Myra would not let me put her down, she’s never held me so tight, but she did after about 30-45 minutes. And later she let me walk her back to the water so that's a good sign. I was worried she'd be traumatized for life but she’s a trooper.

I know my children are having a different life than the one they would be living if I never started this journey.  Instead of Wednesdays being a fun-filled day of activity they’d probably be TV Wednesdays while I sat around being too tired to move.  I was that out of shape before.  I am so happy for me that I get to be the mother I want to be, that I have the desire and the energy to get them out the door and having fun.  I can build sand castles and chase them in the waves all day long.
MandM_20120222_17Ok, back to today.  It’s a day off from the gym, unless I can go tonight when the kids go to bed.  I hope I can because otherwise I have to go Thur, Fri, Sat and I’d have to take Sunday off (because my body doesn’t like going four days in a row).  I’d rather go Sat and Sun, weekend gym visits are easier than hurried weekday ones.  If I go today I can take Thur or Fri off and exercise Sat and Sun.  But Miguel has a busy weekend so I’ll be mostly on my own, so maybe it won’t work.  Gym planning is never easy with this life of mine.


  1. So glad that you and the kids are having fun adventures. You're probably right that things would be much different if you hadn't gotten back on the fitness trail.

  2. Your so right Michelle. I will never lose that nagging guilt that I wasn't such a great mama when my kids were little because I was so out of shape. Hopefully, they'll be much more likely to remember the "fit mama" of their teen years.

    Scary about Myra! Glad both she (and you) are OK. I suspect you'll remember the moment far longer than she ever will!

  3. @Kristy - I was thinking if I'd NEVER gotten on the fitness trail at all, let alone *back* on the trail. I suppose you could still say back since I was on it when I left Hawaii.

    @Alice: Isn't mom guilt insidious? I suspect mine will be about all the times I walked out the door to go to the gym or on a bike ride/run/etc. Seems there's no getting out of it.

  4. I am so excited about finding your blog!!

    I am going through my initial weight loss but in the next year or two my husband and I want to have babies, so I am soooo fearful of losing this weight and then gaining it all back when I am pregnant.

    But you have showed us everyone that it can be done!! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  5. Liz: Yes, it can be done! And some people are way better than I was at not gaining so much weight during their pregnancies. But if you turn out like me and gain more than you would have liked, know that you can get it off after the baby. And there is nothing more worth gaining weight than a baby. Keep up the blogging, it helps!


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