Saturday, March 31, 2012

4, 31.4, 167.6 - All The Numbers

Week 1 is in the bag!  And it was mostly a huge success. 

But before I get to that I'll say a bit about Thursday. It seemed like I was hungry all day, mostly due to poor planning.  I had my Grape Nuts for breakfast but lunch turned out to be a piece of beef jerky (from this roadside place I love, probably the size of 1/4 of a zucchini), and a quinoa/veggie salad (about 1 cup). For a snack I had some pretzels I found stashed in my work car.  That's what I'd eaten when I walked in the gym after work and I think it wasn't enough to fuel my day and then my workout (despite being 23 points!). 

So I went to the gym and found myself complaining (in my head) about the WW program, "It's not enough food, I'm not willing to be hungry all the time, I'm going to eat more and I don't care what happens."  The good thing was I worked it out before I left and realized, 1. It's still the first week and I think my appetite needs time to adjust, 2. I made some poor choices and that's why I was hungry all day, not because the program sucks and, most important, 3. I do care what happens.  I DO CARE. 

Dinner was satisfying - canned refried black beans, two corn tortillas, 1/2 of an avocado (counted as 1/4!), 2 Tbsp or so of Latino cream and some pico de gallo.  One thing that shocked me were the beans.  I like to make my own beans (in the slow cooker) and then Miguel mashes 'em and makes homemade refried beans (with just a bit of oil).  But when I haven't made any we use the canned stuff.  How bad can it be, it's black beans, right?  I was shocked that 1/2 cup of the canned stuff had 10g of fat!  Holy lard!  I'll be making beans more regularly again let me tell you because I probably eat close to a cup of the stuff without blinking and we usually have this meal two to three times in an average week.

I closed out my first week with 2 weekly points remaining.  I ate all of my APs each day except Sunday when I left 5 remaining.  I "cheated" twice by eating a few pita chips just before bed without tracking them (shhh).  Of course it's not cheating in the truest sense because I choose how and what to eat.  No one forced WW on me and any "rules" I follow are by choice.  So when I "cheat", what I'm really doing is choosing not to follow my previously chosen rules.  I know it may seem like a silly detail but this kind of shift in thinking is part of what needs to happen for me to be successful long term.  Cheating suggests some external force, when really, it's all internal.  Ok, I'm done, now on to the weigh-in.

I lost four pounds!  That means a couple of cool milestones.  First, I have now passed the 30 pounds lost mark (31.4 to be exact) since starting back to my healthy lifestyle back in June.  And second, it puts me into the 160s (167.6 lbs).  I haven't been in the 160's since before I got pregnant back in 2008.  And I'm closer to my mini-goal of 158.8, my lowest pre-pregnancy weight.  Ack!  It's all very exciting.

The only concern I have is losing 4 pounds in one week is a bit much and suggests I wasn't getting enough calories.  Then again, it could be my body adjusting.  We'll see how this week goes and if I'm struggling with hunger and also lose over 2 pounds I might add a point or two and see how that impacts things.  I know losing fast is fun, but it's not a sustainable way to eat and I'm all about sustainability here. 

So the other big thing in my life is the Cinderella Classic today.  A race report will have to wait for tomorrow.  It was a momentous day but I don't have the energy to write about it tonight.  Mommy needs some sleep!


  1. Woohoo!
    You're such an inspiration
    Our lives have followed similar paths across the miles and 2 kids and full time work now make this healthy me thing seem so much harder... Love that you are proving its possible!

  2. You are so truly amazingly conscious and inspiring. So glad you're my friend xo

  3. wow, great work on the weight loss - but I agree that is a lot very quickly! Personally I am a fan of good fats (saturated and monounsaturated)and proteins in the diet as they are filling and contribute to many important cellular functions so do have their place (as such I am a huge coconut and avocado fan)...sounds like you can add in a few more points to allow for activity otherwise you'll burn out!! Keep up the awesome work!!


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