Monday, March 5, 2012

Breathing Hard and Balance

When I realized I would miss some workouts this week (because of our camping trip) I decided I'd workout Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed and possibly Thursday to hit my goal of exercising 5 times per week.  I went to the gym yesterday and today (Monday) so two down, three to go.  But when I got home from work today I had a moment of insight and realized the error of my ways.  I know my body.  My body does not like to exercise more than three days in a row.  When I do, my body gets stiff, sore and tired.  So if I followed this plan I'd leave for our camping trip with a stiff, sore and tired body (probably grumpy too).  Forcing myself to do what I know doesn't work to hit my goal doesn't make much sense.  So I have a new plan.  I will go to the gym Sun, Mon, Tue, take Wed off and possibly go Thur (depending on if I have time).  Much better plan - both balanced and realistic.  And maybe, juuust maybe, I'll sneak in a run during our camping trip.  If the weather's nice (as in, not windy and cold) and the mood strikes.

Ok, back to today.  Today I went to the gym and did a nice 3 mile run outside.  It was a bit windy and I spent easily 1/3 of the run with wind in my face.  But I pushed myself to keep moving and I realized something.  In the past, whenever I'd start breathing hard I'd figure I was going too fast and I slowed down until my breathing became easy again.  But I think I've been too focused on this and I don't let myself work very hard as a result.  I ran the whole three miles today breathing hard.  Not gasping for breath or anything, but I also probably could only speak in short sentences if I had to talk.  I think for a three mile run it's perfectly fine to push myself like that.  And I'm learning I can be breathing hard and it's not necessarily a sign that I'm over-reaching.  Anyway, I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes, maintaining another 11 minute mile run.  Nice!  

After the run I did back/biceps/core for strength training.  I tried out an ab roller, I was able to do two sets of 8, though I wasn't sure my form was right.  I talked to a trainer at the gym and he told me they are bad for you.  Something about it being hard on your shoulders and your back in a bad way over time.  I came home and watched some YouTube videos and saw what correct form looks like.  I don't know, I might do them every now and then for fun.  They were a nice change and definitely a challenge.

I finished up my strength training routine and then headed home.  I have to say, I'm tired as heck tonight.  My cold is almost 100% gone so I doubt that's it.  Maybe just a too-busy weekend.  Like I said, I should have taken the day off today. 


  1. Yay on the 11 minute miles despite winds! Hope you have a great time camping and can fit in a workout sometime there

  2. You know....we set our goals and I think they are great. But we really do have to be realistic. Our bodies sometimes can't handle the expectations that we set up.

    YAY to you for listening to your body and adjusting your plans!!!

  3. Nice job on your eleven minute miles! That's impressive!

    I remember the ab roller. My roommate in college had one and we used to try to use it when we were..ahem..maybe a lil tipsy. Probably not a good idea but it sure made for a lot of laughs.


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