Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All About Food

I'm back to talk about food some more.  I'm feeling so good about things.  Tonight's dinner took a big bite out of my Points but, on the whole I'm feeling good.  It's a bit strange, despite spending more time planning my meals and writing down everything I eat I feel so much less stressed about food.  Instead of trying to balance my food intake by guessing and hoping it will all balance out, I'm following the WW plan and knowing they will.

Anyway, here's what I ate today:

1/2 cup Grape Nuts (5) with 1/2 cup 1% milk (1)
Coffeemate (4)   [I know, what a waste, but I'm addicted to Coffeemate!]

Banana (0)

Chicken Thigh, skin on (6)
Lentil Veggie Soup (4)
Salad (0)
Salad dressing (2)

1/2 cup Cottage Cheese, 1%  (2)
Apple (0)

1/2 cup black beans (2)
1 WHOLE avocado (10) !!!!!!
1 Tb latino cream (1)
2 corn tortillas (2)
1 tsp oil (1)
Salad (0)
Light Salad dressing (1)

Hot Tea (0)
Grapes (0)

There you have it.  If I listed everything correctly then it should add up to 42 points!  I get 26 for the day.  That avocado killed my numbers.  I used all 7 of my APs today and had to use 10 of my weekly extra points.  So now I have four weekly extra points left, and those have to last 2 days.  And tomorrow is a day off from exercise so I get no exercise points.  But I could still go for a leisurely 10 minute walk and earn 1 point.  If it's still raining tomorrow I bet the kids would LOVE to splash around in puddles.

No matter, I think I can do it.  I will go heavy on the salad and fruit, eat lean meals and hope for the best.  I'm not willing to be starving so if it gets to that point (no pun intended) I will go over my points, but I don't think that will happen.  Being a bit hungry is ok though, I mean I AM trying to lose weight, right?

A quick gym update before I hit the sack.  I went after work and did a 25 minute run on the treadmill.  It was raining outside I didn't have time (or my rain gear) to deal with running in the rain.  But I can't say enough how much harder it is to run on the treadmill!  I'm slower and I suffer more.  That's just not right.  Outside I run faster and have more fun.  Anyway, after the run I had legs/shoulders/core work to get done.  I felt a bit tired which made me wonder if the reduced calories are going to effect my workouts, but I had a great workout anyway and left feeling fired up.

Now it's after 10pm and the only thing I'm fired up about is bed.  Night all!


  1. Okay, loving seeing your thought process here. I know that tracking really shows what's going right,and where adjustments can be made to make it go even more right. I remember when I was tracking that just little changes here and there added up to major reductions in calories, fat, and weight. Thanks for sharing this newest approach (even though it isn't really completely new. Just new this time around). I also remember adding up points in my over the top obsessive spread sheet approach way back when, inspired by your WW experience. Keep going buddy. You're doing great! xoxo

  2. I may have to join you in the WW thing! The points really do make a difference, don't they?

    Interesting you find the treadmill harder and slower - I prefer outside too (even the rain).

    Keep on tracking, girl! Watching with interest :-)

  3. Running outdoors is so much better! At least you were able to get a run in.

    When I was doing WW I found soup to be the best lunch ever. I love lentil soup!

  4. I totally believe they (WW) need to rethink the avocado points. I can't fathom that what is essentially a fruit/veg item should be so out of sync with the others. I would personally take away at least 5 pts, Michelle. It's green for goodness sakes & grows on a tree! Coffeemate on the other hand..,well, no argument there. ;-)


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