Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My 5 Year BLOGiversary!!

Cue the confetti!!  I started this blog 5 years ago!  Wow.  I'm tempted to make a remark about not yet being at my goal weight but I'll refrain.  So...five years.  The only other things I've committed to for that long were a college education and marriage.  I think the blog needs updating.  I'm thinking of a new name too but I've been thinking for a good couple of months and can't come up with something that I like and that isn't already taken.  Fit Strong Mom is the latest thing rolling around in my head.  I don't know, but I do want to pretty up the page a bit.

Ok, into the heavy lifting.  Thanks for the advice and support about my post-workout food choices on Sunday.  It's weird to be so focused and doing well in the exercise department and have the food department be such a mess.  I'm seriously leaning toward joining Weight Watchers in the near future.  At first I thought I'd do online only to avoid yet another weekly commitment but then I had the idea to find a lunchtime one during the week so we'll see.  I just got so much out of the actual meetings.  By May it will be one year since I won the gym certificate.  June will be one year since I actually started exercising again.  I'd love to have that year roll around and be firing on all cylinders. 

So a quick gym re-cap before I head to bed.  I'm reading The Hunger Games (who isn't?) and it's a page turner!  Anyway, I took Monday off from the gym since I'd already exercised 4 days in a row.  Back to it on Tuesday (yesterday) when I went for a lovely 25 minute run.  My body was feeling a bit stiff and I wasn't up to running my (somewhat) usual 3 miles.  After the run I did legs/shoulders/core.  The run and workout were fantastic and I made all sorts of resolutions to clean up my eating.  And then didn't.

The good news is I have not lost all semblance of sanity and I'm not gorging on fast food or anything crazy.  I'll spare you all the food horror stories, I'm just making crappy choices (mostly late afternoon) and eating more volume than I really need (mostly at dinner).

Today my mom came to visit and stayed during the kids nap so I could go to the gym.  I did the bike for 25 minutes and then did back/biceps/core.  My lower back is still hurting off and on so I skipped any back extensions.  I think it was all the new core work I added that stressed it out.  It's almost back to normal, another week or so and I think I'll be totally pain free once again.  A hurt back is a big reminder of how precious the back is.  In the meantime I'll keep the ibuprofen going and be reasonable with the physical activity.

Speaking of physical activity...the metric century is less than 2 weeks away!  Holy bike lanes!!  I am at a total loss as to how things will go.  You might have noticed the near non-existent amount of training going on around here.  It's all gym visits and the upright bike for 25 minutes.  If the weather's nice (as in no wind) and the route is relatively flat I think I'll be fine.  I'm bailing if it rains so I'm not worried about that.  If it's windy and hillier than I'm expecting I might not finish.  I'm not putting any pressure on myself.  I know once I'm out there my stubborn-ness will kick in and I will want to finish, but if I don't I hope I don't cry about it.  Besides, a mere 7 days later I'll be running in a 10k.  A very hilly 10k.  At least I hope to be running.  The hills are no joke so we'll see.

Ok, that's it.  Happy BLOGiversary to meeeee!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! You are not at your goal yet, but dang it you are close AND you have two beautiful children in the time frame! I have been struggling for a bit with my own weight loss journey and need to get back to Weight Watchers and the meetings - the hardest part is walking in the door right?!?
    I AM running the Yakima River Canyon Marathon in two weeks and plan on finding my mojo there - remember that post 4 years ago, where I got some serious thinking done, well, it's coming up again - wish me luck!!!! I love hearing about your workouts it makes me want to get to the gym and enjoy it... Thanks for the honest posts, we're all here for ya sister!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Michelle! That's fantastic! I read your blog faithfully. I, too, am struggling with my eating. I have my first 1/2 marathon in 9 days! Holy cow! I have trained very hard and despite exercising more than I ever have IN MY LIFE, I cannot lose weight! Don't get me wrong, I am not overweight. I initially lost 20 pounds when I started running, gained a couple back and have been stuck ever since. I know it's because I don't make healthy choices. We'll see what happens! Good luck to you!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Go you! I haven't been reading that long, but I've gone back and read a lot of your archives and you are a rock star. Good luck with your race and your hilly 10K!

  4. Happy 5 year blog anniversary! You are an inspiration to so many.....including yourself! I understand your frustration with the evening hours and food. When I get home from work, the first thing I try to do is hydrate with a few glasses of club soda. If I'm craving something sweet, I'll throw in some low cal juice (a mock tail!). If possible, I try to distract myself from diving into the fridge, and head outside with my dogs. My one must when I eat dinner is to try and eat protein and veges. If I am not satiated after this, I go for some healthy fats like avocado or string cheese. So many of my food cravings are based on the day of the week. My biggest weaknesses...popped corn with garlic and parmesan, and a glass of red wine! Just like my mother! Good luck on the metric. You will do fine because you are a conditioned athlete. Remember to sip and nibble (every 15 min)! You have all day to finish, so ENJOY THE RIDE!

  5. Been loving your blog and journey..not sure if from the start, but pretty close I think...and been inspired by it to go on my own journey...thanks Michelle xoxo

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm so proud to have a friend that has 5 years worth of things to say :) I hope you celebrate!


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