Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just Go To Sleep!

In my last post I was headed to bed, with a plan to be snoozing by 10pm.  But our son had other plans and he kept us up until 11:30pm fighting bedtime!  OMG, I was SO tired.  That left me dragging my feet all day Tuesday.  My day started with an early physical therapy appointment.  I started again to address my shoulder issue.  I'd started PT just before getting pregnant and sort of dropped the ball when the pregnancy sidelined me from exercise.  So I had the first visit Tuesday and I'm going back tomorrow for some exercises and stretches.  I don't know that I'll go twice a week for 4-6 weeks like they recommend, that's just too many appointments, but I'm looking forward to getting some tips on how I can help my shoulders.  They're starting to ache throughout the day and that's getting old.  Of course, she told me to lay off any exercises that irritate it, which is basically the assisted pullups.  I'm not sorry to see those go, at least for a while.

Despite being tired I went to the gym after work because I'm committed like that [note kudos to self].  I had a 2-3 mile run on the agenda but I wasn't sure about running in these new shoes just yet.  When I got my clothes out to change I realized I'd forgotten my sports bra.  I have a backup I keep in my bag but it has almost no support and there's no way I could run in it.  My breasts would be flying all around, it wouldn't be pretty and might actually hurt.  So good, that settles the run question.  I did the elliptical instead, 25 minutes, level 7, and got another opportunity to wear the shoes.  I think I'm doing something weird with my left foot when I walk in them, walking on the side almost.  These shoes are going to take a little more getting used to than I anticipated.  I'm getting kind of scared at the thought of running in them.  My calves are already so touchy as it is.   Anyway, after the elliptical I did chest/triceps/core stuff.  It all felt pretty good.

Marek did a bit better last night at bedtime.  I started his routine (reading books, etc) at 7:40pm.  By 8:10 he was in bed.  Some screaming, crying, pleading and whining ensued but this time I had him quiet by 8:50pm so that was a big improvement.  But then, like a child myself, I sat up watching TV and reading the news online until 10pm!  WTF?!  It had gotten so late I was getting hungry again and started thinking about having a bowl of cereal.  So I started nagging myself to go to bed and I hit the sack around 10:30pm, without eating a bowl of cereal. Sleep is the third wheel of weight loss I think.  Diet, exercise, and sleep - that's what you need.

Today is a day off from the gym.  I'm home with the kids and having a pretty good day.  It was maybe supposed to rain today but so far it's been dry.  My neighbor friend Karen brought over Chipotle for lunch (Yummy, thanks Karen!) so we had a good time chatting while the kids played.  I get the kids taco kit - it's the perfect amount of food.   Miguel and I are going out to dinner tonight.  We have some financial decisions to make and need some quiet time alone to talk and think.  My mom is watching the kids.  So now I just need to pick a restaurant where we can talk and where I can get some healthy food.

And just for fun, here's what I ate yesterday:  29 points altogether, 3 over my daily 26 but I used activity points for the extra.

1  serving(s) Coffee Mate Natural Vanilla Low Fat, 1 Tbsp             
1/2 cup(s) low-fat milk  
Cereal - Special K Protein, 1 serving, 29 grams    
2.5 eggs scrambled with diced tomatoes and diced bell peppers
2/3 cup Steamed broccoli
1  tsp vegetable oil         
1  cup(s) Lentil vegetable soup  
1/4 cup bottled pasta sauce  
4-5   ounces cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast(s)               
1  tsp olive oil    
1 cup cooked pasta   
1 cup greens for salad
½ cup kale for salad
Sliced cucumber and tomato in salad
6  grams sunflower seeds            
2 Tbsp Newman’s Light dressing
Anytime Snacks
1  small fresh apple   
1/3 of clif bar     
1 banana

Omph, Myra is crying, naptime is over.  Until next time!


  1. Sleep is so important and too often we forget that. Glad you resisted the cereal! Too bad about the little one acting up. Good luck with your shoes. I'd give them a shot on a short run and if they still bother you than give up on them.

  2. I agree that sleep is so important. I've read that it is important for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

  3. Good for you in going to work out even when you were so tired!


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