Monday, April 23, 2012

New Shoes, New Book, Old Gym

A quick post and then I am headed to bed!  I stayed up later than I planned last night and I think a nice, long night sleep will do me some good.  So, three quick bits of news...

1.  I got new running shoes!  And not just any running shoes, but Brooks Pureflow. 

I chose these shoes for two reasons.  First, because at the Marin 10k there was a treadmill with a camera hooked up to it.  They filmed you running and then told you about your foot strike and what type of shoe might be good for you.  Mine was pretty normal but the guy said I should try these.  Next, they were a big hit with runners in the Runner's World shoe review.  The testers loved them.  And they're not bad looking either.  Here's what Brooks has to say about them:
Neutral to Guidance runners can experience a run for the senses without losing the comfort of dynamic cushioning. The PureFlow brings a little more shoe and a whole lot of technology to a slick aesthetic. With a wider Nav Band coming up the lateral side and grabbing the midsole, the foot receives arch support without the bulkiness of underfoot materials. A center strike pod provides guidance in finding the natural landing zone, and modern air mesh wraps the foot for an incredibly comfortable fit.
Since they only have a 4mm heel-to-toe offset (my old shoes, like most, are 8mm), your foot is more flat on the ground, instead of having the heel raised up a bit.  They're like an intro into minimalist (barefoot) running.  But I'm not going there, this is about as minimal as I'll get.  I wore them today, though not to run.  I hear your calves will need some adjusting and my calves are already sensitive so I want to ease into the transition.  Tomorrow is a run day.  I might go for a shorter run to avoid my calves getting too sore.

2.  I broke down and purchased another new book.

The End of Overeating by David Kessler.  Dr. Kessler spoke recently at my work and I have been meaning to buy the book ever since.  I don't think it's so much about dieting per se, it's more about the food that's available today and how we are wired to go overboard on it.  At least that's what I got from his talk. Here's how the publishers describe it:
Most of us know what it feels like to fall under the spell of food when one slice of pizza turns into half a pie, or a handful of chips leads to an empty bag. But it s harder to understand why we can't seem to stop eating even when we know better. When we want so badly to say "no," why do we continue to reach for food?  Dr. Kessler met with top scientists, physicians, and food industry insiders. The End of Overeating uncovers the shocking facts about how we lost control over our eating habits and how we can get it back. Dr. Kessler presents groundbreaking research, along with what is sure to be a controversial view inside the industry that continues to feed a nation of overeaters from popular brand manufacturers to advertisers, chain restaurants, and fast food franchises.
I'm still reading the Beck book too, though not being a very good student.  I haven't been reading my reasons for wanting to lose/maintain my weight twice a day.  Haven't been making response cards.  Haven't been patting myself on the back nearly enough.  But I have been eating sitting down more so that's progress.  Good job Michelle.  Actually, I wrote something similar in my workout log today so I am doing a little patting.  Anyway, I am hoping to glean some kernels of information from the Kessler book.  Not that lack of information is what causes me to get out of control with the food sometimes, but I think gaining more knowledge helps - it can help with the guilt/shame crap that sometimes surfaces after I binge. 

3.  And finally, I went to the gym after work today.  This update isn't new and exciting like the previous two but it's always good to log a gym day.  Started with the bike, 25 minutes on the upright, level 7.  My legs are STILL getting hammered by level 7.  It's going to be a good long while, if ever, before I move up to level 8.  And after that I had legs/shoulders/core work to do.  Leg day is definitely a challenge but I try to tackle it with a positive attitude.  I remembered my AccelGel and I know that helped because my afternoon snack was zilch! Which is a good thing as I made homemade pizza for dinner and the points added up quick!

That's all I got.  It's 9:15pm and I'm headed to bed to read a bit.  Hopefully I'll be snoozing by 10!


  1. Nice shoes! Hope they work for you. Interesting how the Beck book uses cognitive strategies..was that Aaron? ; )
    I like your fb link. Easy to keep up and get a daily hit of Michelle xo

  2. I like those shoes! And how cool that the 10K offered that camera thing. Way to find shoes you love!

  3. Oh man, LOVE the shoes! My absolute favourite shade of red...!!

  4. Thanks ladies - I love the shoes cuteness factor too! And they are really comfortable so far, though I have yet to run in them.

    Kristy - Yes, that Beck, but it's his daughter. It's all CBT, very much what I'd like to do in my practice if I ever get around to it. I'm glad you like my FB page ;)

  5. I'm going to a physical therapist for my knees (on the orthopedist's recommendation!) who is going to do the gait study. He's going to recommend shoes for me as well.

    Very cool shoes, my wife would LOVE them.


  6. Yay on the shoes! I've been wanting to have that test find the best shoes for me. :-)


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