Monday, April 9, 2012

Official Time and Pictures!

Oh my dear, Easter was probably a 10,000 calorie day.  I had my normal breakfast and coffee but come lunch - it was a feast!  We had ham and croissants, roasted veggies, Caprese salad, twice baked potatoes...and chocolate mousse with whipped cream.  The mousse was incredible!  I ate enough food at lunch to pretty much keep me full for the rest of the day.  Oh, and I had a few glasses of wine too, and chocolate of course.  The kids, the weather - it was a beautiful day and I don't regret a moment of it.  I'd love to share a family picture.

I couldn't be more grateful. 

The official time was finally posted.  1:09:56.3, and I'm super happy with that.  39 out of 53 for my age group, 148 out of 207 among the women and 232 out of 303 overall.  Not that any of that matters much, I'm only racing myself.

The official pictures were also posted.  I haven't decided which two I'm going to buy (besides the big finish of course) but here are the proofs along with a couple others:

After the 10k and then Easter I knew I would be beat so I took today off.  And I ended up having an interesting day.  I booked a Crossfit class on Groupon Now and booked a massage for after that.  I'll have to write about that tomorrow. 

Before I close, just a bit about food today.  I've been very careful with my eating.  I'd like to get back in the 167 range by Friday and to pull that off I need to watch every bite.  So today I stayed within my daily Points and did not use any of the APs I earned from Crossfit.  I'm thinking of it as a sort-of cleanse from all the "bad" food I ate over the weekend.  There was one chocolate mousse left when I got up this morning so I promptly put it down the garbage disposal.  It wasn't easy because I know how good it was but it had to be done.  And I gave some of the Easter candy away.  The rest will go tomorrow.  I'm hungry now though so I'm going to have tea and go to bed before my willpower starts breaking down.  Night all!


  1. I dont know how many pics youre gonna buy, but I vote for the ones with your friends, with Miguel, the peace sign, and finishing with everybody way in the back.
    You're a rock star, Michelle, and are on the fast track to health and fitness. Keep doing what you're doing...well, minus the 10000 calorie days ; )

  2. Great job! THat is a beautiful picture of your family.


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