Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oye Mi Amor

Ooh wee, I've had one hell of a weekend!  I haven't posted since Thursday, and now it's Sunday evening, so that gives you an idea of how things have been going these past few days.  In an effort to not over-write about my weekend I'll make a list.  Lists are nice, keep things neat and tidy.

1)  Gym, Friday:  I planned to run 15 minutes on the treadmill and then do the upright bike for 10, just like the day before, to continue my adjustment phase with the new shoes.  But the running was feeling so good that I kept right on going for the full 25 minutes. So far the Brooks are serving me well.  I have yet to run outside so that will be the next test.  Then a long run to see how they really work for me.  Anyway, after the run I did legs/shoulders/core work.  I was especially happy to get my workout in because I knew I'd be having a drink or two at the concert.

2)  Mana Concert, Friday night:  And yes, I did.  Three drinks in all (plus a few sips of a beer).  Vodka sodas, because who wastes calories on tonic?  I had a great time, dancing my butt off through the whole concert.  We had great seats and I was with a great group of ladies.  Oh, that reminds me, I have a picture!

You might notice that I have my arms exposed.  This is something I never do in public.  Normally.  But Diana (far left) would NOT hear of my wearing the sweater I had over the dress, she said that a) I looked like I was dressed for work and b) there is nothing wrong with my arms.  I think I'm getting a bit carefree in my old age.  Plus I'd had a drink by then.  Thanks Laura, Wendy and Diana for a fun night!

On the way home I stopped at McDonalds (of all places! but it was right on my route home) and purchased (shhh, I don't really want anyone to know this so I'll whisper) a 20 piece chicken mcnugget (I only ate 14 of them, only, ha!) and small fries and a snack size reese's mcflurry.  That, coupled with the alcohol and a few bites of cheese nachos brought this post-dinner point tally to 59!!!  You bet I added an hour of dancing to my activity tracker!  Moving right along...

3)  Saturday:  Not much to report here.  Drank a lot of water, trying to flush all the crap out of my system.  Regularly scheduled day off from the gym.  Legs were quite sore from all the dancing.  Spent the day hanging with Miguel and the younglings, having fun.  Worked in the yard some in the morning.

You can see the kids were a big help.  Later in the day I made some questionable food choices (costco food court hot dog, 14 points!), especially in light of the night before. 

4)  Sunday, morning/afternoon (aka today):  After breakfast Miguel headed to his soccer game and I loaded the kids up to go plant shopping.  I got a bunch of plants at a super cool place called Annie's Annuals (Thanks Katie!).  Brought them home and got busy planting them.  Three hours later and my yard has a bunch more plants.  It's not a huge difference as the plants are tiny still, though I'm afraid I might have underestimated how big some of these plants might get when they grow up!   Oh well, that's a worry for another day I suppose.  By the time I was done my back was hurting quite a bit.  And yes, I tracked an hour of gardening and earned 6 APs.  Three hours seemed a bit much.  But I wanted to go to the gym as scheduled because, well, you know why. 

5)  Gym, Sunday (aka still today):  25 minutes on the upright bike, level 7.  The bike felt a tiiiiiny bit easier than it's been feeling lately.  After that I did chest/tricep/core.  It was late afternoon so I had to rush through my workout to get home for dinner.  Still, I got everything done and actually had an awesome workout.  Some things felt easier than they have in a while.  This is the start of Week 2.  I'm tracking in 4 week cycles now so I can make sure to plan recovery weeks on the 4th week.

Oh, and I found out a long time WW buddy (and mommy friend) joined my gym (Yay Gina!).  I'm looking forward to bumping into her there.  Gina and I met when I first started WW.  She had a baby not too much before I had Marek, but she got back on track too and has lost over 100 pounds!  So inspiring.  I'll have to see if she'll let me post her before/during pics here so you can ooh and ahh over them.

Whoa - it's now nearly 11pm and I wanted to be in bed by 10:30 so that means lights out for me.  Night all!

p.s.  McDonalds, I know.  I never eat there.  What was I thinking?!  Ok, don't answer that.  In fact, can we agree to pretend that didn't happen?


  1. Youre so honest, buddy. Not that you shouldn't be. On another note, When you talked about your workout after the concert I thought about what that's like, to be focused on the journey, no matter what. Thanks.

  2. Way to be honest. On Saturday, I had a 42 point day. If you don't tell, I won't either. LOL

  3. You have fantastic arms... show them off!

  4. I'm with Irene, your arms look amazing and muscular. Rock them out!

    I think we all make stupid, end of the night food choices after dancing and having some cocktails. Happens to the best of us. Shake it off and good luck!

  5. Each time I catch up on your blog, I'm reminded how important it is to be honest with MYSELF about what I'm doing, what my goals are, and whether the choices I make each day are lighting the way toward them or leading me further away from my goals.

    I don't know whether you "have" to write those choices down here in this public forum, but I DO know we HAVE to avoid lying to ourselves even when (sometimes) it makes us feel a bit better to pretend "I just didn't do that". Thanks again, Michelle!


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