Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tight Hamstrings and Eating Sitting Down

Just a quick recap of my weekend.  On Saturday I ended the day with 3 leftover points.  And I didn't use them.  I think it being a day off from exercise kept my appetite down.  Though today was pretty good too, hunger-wise.  Maybe my stomach is adapting to eating less. 

I took the kids to the soccer field this morning to watch Miguel play.  So glad I have the energy and enthusiasm for these kinds of things now.  Though it didn't actually take much energy.  Marek ran around with other kids and Myra stuck close to me given all the people around. 

I'm enjoying the Beck book.  I followed her first recommendation, to do a list of the reasons why I want to lose and maintain my weight.  She suggests you read it twice daily so I chose to read it just as I'm leaving work and after dinner.  For at home days I chose to read it when the kids go down for their naps and after dinner.  Those are all historically risky times for me to start snacking.   I need to put a reminder into my phone to read it twice a day for the next six weeks.  It's like brainwashing!

The other recommendation I'm working on following is to eat sitting down.  She talks about how this raises awareness and satisfaction.  Mostly I'm guilty of this when I'm home, I'll eat my cereal or lunch standing in the kitchen while I get the kids their food.  Dinner is almost always at the table though, I'm a stickler for the family dinner.  I made a small exception for myself, which is that I can eat standing up if I'm eating raw fruits or veggies.  This is mostly so I can snack on the go without feeling like I'm doing something wrong.  Like I said, so far I'm really enjoying the book.  I am hopeful I can gain freedom from food battles, wouldn't that be awesome?!  It's hard for me to believe it's even possible but this Beck woman says it is.

So I went to the gym today.  The weather was beautiful and I started with a 25 minute run outside.  My hamstrings are really tight for some reason and it was noticeable on my run, though it was still totally doable.  After the run I had legs/shoulders/core work and I did my normal stuff - squats, lunges, shoulder raises, etc. 

When I was done and stretching I really focused on my hamstrings.  I'm not sure why they are so tight.  Actually, my whole body feels a bit sore.  I wonder if it's the five days in a row I did last week.  I also wonder if my body is trying to talk to me, telling me to back off a tad.  We'll see how I feel in the next couple of days, I might need to take an extra day off soon.  Two days in a row would probably be most helpful so maybe I'll go tomorrow and then take Tuesday and Wednesday off. 

Eating-wise things went well today.  I stayed within my points and had a fabulous piece of salmon with a salad for dinner.  Yummy!  All in all things are going well.  And now I'm off to bed for a full 8 hours sleep, perfect end to a great day!

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