Thursday, May 10, 2012

10:00 Minute Mile!

Yesterday was a day off from the gym but still an active day.  I started with a couple hours of gardening - pulling weeds and planting a few new plants - before getting the kids out the door for some errands.  After the errands we went to Whole Foods to meet a friend and her kids for lunch (Hi Michelle!).  The cool thing was Miguel was able to come meet us.  Always nicer to have the whole family together.  I had a burrito with a whole wheat tortilla, chicken, black beans, veggies and salsa.  I was going to have avocado too but I figured with the mother's party that evening I should save the calories.  I wasn't sure how many points to give it so I went with 10.  In reality it was probably more than that. 

Back home and put the kids down for their naps while I started to get ready for the party.  Marek woke up from his nap with a huge fever and that made for some hectic last-minute readying. In the end I decided to wear a black skirt with a pink and white blouse.  For whatever reason I felt kind of "big", though I pushed that feeling out of my mind.  I had a plan to drink two glasses of wine and have one dessert.  I stuck with the wine but in the end had probably more like two desserts.  There were A TON of cupcakes, mini bundt cakes and various other yummy things.  I'm not sure how much I ate because I took a bite of several that I didn't like so I tossed 'em.  I also ended up grabbing a few bites of cheese and crackers and had two small slices of turkey breast.  I wasn't upset about my food intake, especially because I ended up eating just a bar for dinner before the party - mostly because the fever through a wrench in my food prep plans.  Here's a pic from the party, holding my raffle prizes (I won a restaurant gift card and a certificate for a 10" bundt cake).

I had a great time at the party.  All my mom friends overwhelmed me with compliments about how great I look.  It felt good to be recognized for all the hard work.  I've still got a ways to go in my brain catching up with my body but I'm working on it.  One of my friends gave me a workout outfit that doesn't fit her (Thanks Jackie!).  The top is too small for me but the shorts are great.  And hopefully the top will fit eventually.  I got home a bit after 10pm and pretty much went straight to bed.

I had to stay home with Marek today, he still has a pretty big fever.  Fortunately he's eating/drinking fine and other than being a bit lethargic he's showing no other symptoms.  I struggled with wanting to graze all day and I ate a couple of things that were not part of the plan.  Mid-morning I ate a bowl of the kids cereal and later I had a 1/2 of peanut butter/jelly sandwich that Marek didn't eat.  But I tried to skip the negative talk and just tracked it and moved on.

Miguel came home and relieved me to go to the gym.  I started with a 25 minute run on the treadmill.  It was hot and I just didn't feel like running outside.  The run was friggin' awesome!!  I started at 5.0mph, then went up to 5.5, my "normal" pace these days.  At the 10 minute mark I pushed it up to 6.0mph and I felt really good.  I decided to go for 10 minutes at that pace, which would mean a mile at 6mph.  I did and I still felt good enough to keep going.  I ended up staying at 6mph for the rest of the run, meaning I ran for 15 minutes at 6mph!  I felt so happy.  It feels so good to be getting speedier.  I think the treadmill, even with a 1% incline, is a bit easier than the reality of outside but I'm still pleased.  The first time I ran at 6mph I felt like my legs were moving like egg beaters, but today it felt smooth and doable.  Yay!

After the run I did legs/shoulders/core.  Everything went pretty smooth.  I came home and made myself dinner (the kids and Miguel ate while I was at the gym).  I had a salad with chicken breast and avocado.  Yum!  And a good balance with the day's earlier indulgences.  Well, that's it for me.  I'm super tired so I'm signing off.  Night all!


  1. WOW a 10-minute mile is such a big milestone!!! Congratulations, Michelle - give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for that one! To run comfortably and steady and strong at that pace is nothing short of magnificent for those of us who's "normal" is a 5-5.5mph pace. Great work!!

    I'm inspired to start doing some speed work and refocus on getting there. I've been lollygagging too long being happy with 11:30!

    Thanks again for posting and sharing your successes and struggles!

  2. Go TEN MINUTE MILE! That is awesome and you deserve major props for that. Also, I understand having that feeling about not looking good. However, judging from the pic you posted you looked GREAT!

  3. Wow, Michelle! All this dedication to doing what it takes sure is paying off. Seems not that long ago that you were happy to be maintaining a 12 minute mile, and then an 11 minute mile was a surprise. So, now, 10 minute miles. What's next? Something crazy like single digit miles?! Plus, don't look now, but you're less than a pound and a half to your pre-pregnancy ever weight! You are such an inspiration and so fit and thin. Love you.


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