Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Betty Draper Goes to Weight Watchers

Any other Mad Men fans out there?  I was amused to see Betty attend a Weight Watchers meeting.  The episode started with Betty weighing out some Swiss cheese to go along with dry toast and a half of grapefruit.  I think it was her breakfast.

Dry toast, Swiss cheese and grapefruit - a 1960's WW breakfast
Later in the episode she attends a meeting.  I think the way the meeting is depicted, with women weighing in at the front of the room (though the WW leader doesn't announce their weight) is how many people imagine WW meetings to be. 

A public weigh-in.
After weigh-in a discussion gets underway and Betty is called upon to stand up and talk.  Another thing that doesn't happen in modern-day WW meetings, but another thing that some people imagine happens. 

Betty shares so she doesn't "stuff yourself just to keep from telling your family your problems".

I'm not sure this was a smart move for WW, to be portrayed this way.  Maybe they are assuming their target audience knows this isn't how meetings are conducted anymore but if I were a WW exec it'd still make me nervous.  Anyway, it sure was fun to see Betty at a WW meeting.  I'd probably watch a whole TV show built around WW meetings in the 60's, it'd be fun!  The episode closes with Betty having Thanksgiving dinner. 

What a sad Thanksgiving dinner for Betty!

She then takes her one and only bite of stuffing...the expressions that cross her face as she chews are priceless.  Check it out...

The reason she got "fat" on the show was because they needed to work around her real-life pregnancy.  I hope they keep Betty's weight loss storyline for a while longer.

As you can see, I was very entertained by the whole thing.  As you can also see, I've been home sick all day and watching a lot of TV.  My mom came over to help with the kids.  I'm going to work tomorrow though, and hopefully will be well enough to get a tiny bit of exercise before the mud run on Saturday.  What?  I didn't tell you I registered for a 5k mud run.  Oops!  More on that tomorrow.


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