Friday, May 25, 2012

Cue the Confetti...another mini-goal reached!!

Can you tell I'm a little excited?  First, I made my mini-goal of getting back to my pre-pregnancy low weight of 158.8 pounds.  Second, I can't believe I lost weight this week, what with my beer/quesadilla/snickers evening.  Just goes to show that if you do what's right most of the time you can still manage.  Since I wasn't expecting the scale to go down (I was, in fact, expecting it to go up) I was caught off guard by suddenly reaching this goal.  But I shared the news on Facebook this morning and my fabulous FB peeps made it real by giving me a huge round of applause.  Wow, wow, wow - I am lighter than I have been in decades.  And at least as fit, which is almost more important.

So you already know about my eating choices Wednesday night.  Thursday I pulled it all back by making the best choices possible all day.  A salad with chicken breast and veggies for lunch.  I went to the gym after work and did a 25 minute run on the treadmill followed by strength training - back/biceps/core.  It was a tough workout due to the light eating and I was feeling shaky after so I had an AccelGel.  I know that "dieting" can't come at the expense of fueling my machine.  For dinner I had a nice bowl of pasta with roasted veggies and a big turkey meatball.  Very comfort foody.

I wasn't sure what would happen on the scale this morning but I hopped on with hope for the least amount of damage.  And whoa - down .8 pounds.  Good thing I reigned things in.

So for the first time I actually got mad at my WW meeting.  We were all discussing flavorful food options and some people shared their most flavorful food from the previous week and a few shared dessert type food (like a chocolate truffle).  Then this woman chimes in with, "I'd appreciate it if we focused more on on program foods, I personally find that more helpful.  I like to have flavorful food too but it's so much better when it's on program."  And she emphasized on program each time she said it.  Hmph.  I muttered that all food is on program and in my head I let her know I didn't appreciate her judgmental tone.  Unfortunately I had to leave the meeting early so I couldn't stay and add my two cents when she was done, which was probably good because I was genuinely peeved!  I think I feel a little defensive about WW and the fact that you are not instructed to eat (or not eat) any specific foods.  Yes, chocolate is not going to be a staple of your diet perhaps, but I've met several people who have a bit of chocolate every day and are very successful.  Later I felt bad for her that she just doesn't get it.  Yet.  Let's hope she does one day.

So now I need a new mini-goal.  I think I will go with 149.9 pounds.  At that weight I will officially cross into "normal" on the BMI so I think that is a good number to celebrate.  I'm getting so close to my goal weight I almost don't know what to do.


  1. Just amazing! Not surprising, considering the dedication of the past year, but still so impressive. I looked back to your beach pictures in July, and it reminded me that it takes a while for the work to start showing results. Thanks for sharing the journey. Love you. Xoxoxo

  2. I am really impressed with your success! Your dedication to fitness is inspiring. Thank you for this great blog!

  3. I know I had a chance to congratulate you on your Facebook page, but I'm catching up on actually READING your post tonight, so once again, CONGRATULATIONS!

    I'm with you on getting mad at your WW meeting - there's a woman like that at my work who CONSTANTLY questions my methods for weight-loss, like whatever she's doing is the only POSSIBLE road to success. Gotta just let it go because we work together, but people who don't understand the necessity of FLEXIBILITY and finding the road that works for YOU as an individual... ugh. Makes me crazy!!


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