Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Lost Points

It was a hot day on Monday and by the time I got around to my run in the late afternoon the sun was in full force.  I still decided to run outside because I was itching to get my new shoes outside.  I started out with a plan to run for 25 minutes, my normal cardio time.  I began running and everything felt wonky - my calves felt twitchy and I felt like I was breathing harder than normal.  Didn't help that the wind was blowing in my face.  So I told myself to ignore the first-mile drudgery and just keep running, which I did of course.  Things started to turn around a bit, and while they never got good, it was good enough to stretch my run out to 3 miles.  My calves ached for most of the run but nothing serious and they were not sore later, which was good.  At about mile two, I started to feel like I was getting into the groove of these new shoes.  I had to tweak the way I land to avoid an unwelcome "thud" when my foot hit the ground, and was making softer landings for the last part of the run (I think - this could all be in my head after all).

I thought the run was MUCH slower than my previous normal but in the end I finished in 34 minutes - only 1 minute slower than normal.  Not bad considering the new shoes and the friggin' wind.  Of course seeing I was only 1 minute over I thought, "darnit, could have pushed myself a bit more."  Probably good that I didn't though, I don't want my calves to cramp up.

After the run I did back/biceps/core.  My back had been hurting all day, a leftover treat from all the gardening I did on Sunday.  But as my workout went on it actually started to feel better.  There's not much that a good workout can't cure.  After strength training I did some good stretching, which I needed.  My hamstrings were really tight again.

I earned 8 points (1 more than usual due to longer run) and ate 5 of them, so I regained 3 lost points, leaving me at -6.   On Tuesday I went to the gym after work and did the upright bike for 25 minutes followed by legs/shoulders/core.  My legs felt pretty good, I think the adjustment to the new shoes is nearly complete.  The last test will be a long run.  I don't have any plans to do one soon though.  I'd packed a low-point lunch and ate well enough all day to bank all 7 APs.  Whew, back in the black! 

Wednesday was a real test.  I was PMSing and struggled with an urge to eat a giant bowl of cereal.  But I talked myself through it.  "Just because this is what I did in the past doesn't mean I have to do it now."  "I can be in control."  I said these things to myself, doubled down on the fruit and veggies for snacks and managed to get through the day without going over my daily points.  I can't remember the last time I survived PMS without a single "bad" food decision.  Yay me!  Big pat on the back for that one and lots of affirmations of a job well done.  I think resisting the craving felt better than the cereal.

I started today with one AP leftover from Tuesday.  I went to the gym after work and did a 25 minute run on the treadmill, maintaining a 10:50 mile, which makes me perfectly content.  Then I did chest/triceps/core for strength training.  That added 7 APs to my day for a total of 8 left on the final day of my WW week.  Good thing because I was hungry!  I had black beans, latin cream (like a salty sour cream), tortillas, pico de gallo, and avocado for dinner.  Later I had a 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt.  It was all very satisfying and I am going to bed tired and with a full belly.

Since I am in the midst of my menstrual cycle I'm not expecting a loss tomorrow.  If I can manage to stay the same weight as last week I'd see that as a success given that I usually gain during my cycle.  Last month I was up two pounds the week of my period.  Staying the same weight would almost be the same as a loss.  I'll just have to see what the scale holds for me in the morning.  No matter what, I won't let it get me down because nothing could take away the success I've had this week.

End of the week Points tally.  Notice the "0" under weekly remaining - no longer a negative!
Oh!  Before I forget I need to go register for the Tri for Fun in June.  It's almost around the corner!  I have big plans for this tri.  I'm hoping to beat my original time when I did it in 2009 - 1 hour 35 minutes.  With all my new running skills I just might be able to do it!


  1. "there's not much a good workout can't cure." Thanks for reminding me. Looks like you've done what you set out to do this week, no matter what the scale says. Hope the new shoes continue to treat you right. One of these years I hope I can do
    that tri for fun with you

  2. Overcoming PMS cravings - now THAT is an achievement I've yet to attain!!! Nice work. Your workouts are looking great, I love thinking back to where you were 8 months ago, you have done amazing things in that time, a tri next month sounds like fun.


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