Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morning Headaches

I have been waking up every morning with a headache for at least the past 5 days.  What the heck is that about?  I used to get headaches pretty regularly but when I'm exercising/eating right I hardly ever get them.  Granted, I've not been exercising much this past week due to being sick but I don't think that would cause a headache every morning.  Today I woke up at 6am but yesterday morning the headache woke me at 2am.  The good thing is ibuprofen seems to do the trick but a headache is no way to start the day and I'm over it.  (Update:  I decided the headaches were related to allergies.  Not sure, but in any case they stopped).

And, I am still coughing.  Getting over this chest cold is a slow process.  But I still manged to have a super fun weekend.  You know I did the obstacle course 5k on Saturday.  On Sunday we spent the morning with the kidlets and in the evening we had friends over for dinner.  We grilled carne asada and veggies and had chips and salsa - it was super yummy but I ate too much.  Including too much of the too good arroz con leche (rice pudding) I made.  And I had a couple beers, which always spikes my appetite.  Anyway, I chocked it all up to a special occasion (it was a bon voyage dinner for our friends who are moving out of state) and tagged Monday as a day to clean up my eating act.

Monday I had to eat lunch at home and, unfortunately, I hit the chips and salsa again and polished off the arroz con leche.  Oh, and I ate some chocolate too.  Don't ask.  That left me feeling grumpy and irritated with myself.  Though I was still coughing I decided I had to go to the gym before my mood dips into the full-on blues.  I went with a plan to do some walking, maybe ride the bike a bit, and then some weight training - nothing too serious.  But after a few minutes walking on the treadmill I decided to give running a try.  I really wanted the endorphins.  And it was fine, I coughed a bit in the first five minutes but once I was moving things were fine.  I ran for 25 minutes, mostly at 5.5mph.  It was when I stopped that I suddenly started coughing a lot.  My lungs felt all squishy, if that makes sense.  Anyway, after the run I did legs/shoulders/core.  I ended up doing my normal legs workout.  I drew a line in the sand, I was tired of being sick and I just wanted to do my normal thing.  But boy-oh-boy I was exhausted afterward!

Dinner was leftover (homemade) pizza and I barely hung on until the kids went to bed.  Sadly I happened upon some old Easter candy (that I didn't even know we had!) and in my weakened, tired state I ate three mini (even smaller than fun-size) chocolate candies.  Fortunately I went to bed without eating even more.  I've been faithfully tracking all this eating though, so that makes me feel better.  That reminds me, I need to get that Easter candy out of the house.  I did a weight-check this morning and I'm only up .4 pounds - not bad considering all the food I've eaten.

Today has gone well, I had Chipotle for lunch but I had the kids' taco kit.  It's a perfect amount of food for only 7 points (I skip the chips and the drink).  I get two corn tortillas, the black beans, chicken (or barbacoa - same points), and bell pepper/onions with a side of pico de gallo.  Makes two healthy sized tacos and I'm happy.

I'm planning on going to the gym after work.  Hopefully I can ride the bike, though level 7 has been kicking my butt lately so I might have to take it down a notch until I'm done with this cough.  Either way, I'm getting my heart rate revved up.

The last thing is I've got my eye out for an event for July/August and/or September/October.  After the sprint tri on June 16th I've got nothing until the Olympic in November.  That won't work.


  1. The Giant race (5k/10k/half) is in September and is fun. I have done it for the past 3 years but can't this year. It might be sold out but i can keep an eye out for bibs for sale on PacWest (I joined but obviously won't be using it much).

    Also, for the headaches, let me know if you want the name of a chiropractor, sounds like something might be out of whack in your neck/upper back. They sound like the headaches I get when I have something out of whack in my upper back (and heat and advil usually do the trick for them). My chiro does heat and then massage before she adjusts you so that the muscles are more receptive and her non-insurance rate is good (also no freaky instruments, she manually adjusts). Might help break the cycle.

  2. I hope your cough completely resolves soon.

    Good job on pushing yourself to hit the gym even if you were not feeling good.

  3. Do you drink enough water? I know when I get dehydrated I get morning headaches.

    Glad you got to the gym. I always feel better after a workout. Go endorphins!

  4. Oh my gosh, I haven't visited in so long, but you look phenomenal!!! You give me hope -- I am 24 weeks pg with #2 and wondering how in the heck I am going to reclaim my body. Every week the scale creeps up and I just want to cry. Anyway, keep up the great work. I hope to follow in your footsteps soon!


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