Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Challenge is Underway

Yesterday (Monday), the George Foreman Grill Weight Loss Challenge officially got underway.  I've been using the grill a lot more than I expected and that night I found what will probably be a new obsession for a while...eggplant.  I sliced some japanese eggplant the long way, brushed on some olive oil and salt/pepper and grilled it for 5-10 minutes.  Yummy, creamy goodness.  I love eggplant.  I've been grilling all sorts of vegetables - portobello mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini - you name it, I'm grilling it.  And I want to try grilling a banana soon.  Maybe drizzle a tablespoon of caramel sauce over it.  Doesn't that sound good? 

In my last post I forgot to mention my weigh-in on Friday.  Which is crazy because I was down 5 pounds from the week prior!  That's crazy.  I know some of it was a TTOTM correction and some was getting back on track after camping, etc.  I'm already up a couple pounds over that weight but I'm hoping to get it back down by Friday.  We'll see, I'm not going to go nuts trying.  I have a dinner out with some mom friends tomorrow night.  We're headed to a good restaurant so I'm not going to have grilled chicken breast just to try and hit a certain number by Friday.

On an unrelated (to food anyway) note, I've been seriously needing some new bras.  Macy's was having a bra sale, tons of $9.99 racks.  Lucky me!  I got four new ones, 2 in size 36c and 2 in 38c.  They are SO comfortable and cute!  Bra shopping used to be just a notch above swimsuit shopping but this time it wasn't so bad.  It helps that I'm happier with the way I look.

A quick gym run-down for this week so far.  I skipped Sunday to recover but went yesterday.  I was a little nervous about running but I gave it a try.  I went slow at first, 5.0 - then I upped it to 5.5 and things were going well.  After a mile I increased to 6.0 and had to work for it.  I was tempted to up it to 6.3 for a minute or two but decided not to push my luck with my calf.  After the run I did back/biceps/core for strength training.  I've been doing my regular stretching but added in some foam rolling of my calfs (and IT band, ouch!).  Between the compression socks, the tape, the foam rolling - so far my calf is doing well.

Today I hit the gym again.  I noticed a spin class was starting up 30 minutes after I got there.  So I did weights first, which was unusual but worked fine.  I did chest/triceps/core and then went to the spin class.  I could only stay for 30 minutes but it was a kick-butt 30 minutes!  I was working hard and it was a fun change.  I cooled down and then went to stretch and foam roll.  Ah the foam roller.  Fun stuff I tell ya.

Miguel was out tonight so I grilled turkey burgers and baked sweet potato fries for the kids (Alexia makes some good fries).  I had a grilled chicken breast and stir-fried zucchini.  And ended up eating some fries too.  I was happy with my meal.  I dipped the chicken breast in Annie's honey mustard, yum!   Whoa, it's after 11pm.  I'm headed to bed.  I hope the kids sleep past 7am tomorrow. 


  1. I love those Alexia sweet potato fries.

    Glad your calf is improving and you are on your way back to normal.


  2. Good luck with your George Foreman challenge. Is it easy to clean up? I haven't used one since my college days almost ten years ago!

  3. Thanks for the support Sheryl!

    Meg - It's super easy to clean up because it has removable plates. I take the plates off and get them wet. When I do the dishes the food bits just slide off. I hear the older ones w/o removable plates were a pain to clean. But I read that people just put a wet paper towel on the warm plates and close the grill. Then you can just wipe off the food easily a little while later. I'm surprised by how much I'm using the grill.

  4. I haven't been here for a while - wow - look at that weight loss! You are inspiration for me to get back on track :-)

  5. Great idea about the eggplant. I've got a mini George Foreman, so I think I'll try grilling up some eggplant this weekend. Cut up some tomatoes and make some quinoia to go with it. YUM!

  6. Wow. You're blog is very inspiring to me. I am 15 years old and have a blog about my struggle with weight loss I was hoping some of you could take a look?


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