Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cruising Right Along

Boy oh boy, this week is flying by!  It's Thursday already?!  Let's see...Tuesday I had plans to go to the gym after work but I got caught up on a project and couldn't leave on time. I called Miguel on the off chance he could pick up the kids and lo and behold, he could!  It happens so rarely that I almost didn't bother calling him.  SO glad I did.  I got to the gym and started with my 25 minute treadmill run.  I don't know why I haven't been running outside lately, I think it's the heat or something.  Anyway, the run went well, I started at 5.5mph, then kicked it up to 6.0 for most of the run but I threw in some 6.5s so I would end with an average of 6.0, or 10 minute miles.  By the way, I figured out my pace for the run I did on Sunday, 11:41.  Why was I so slow?  I guess being outdoors, with some hills, and it being hot...etc, etc.  Plus I'm finding that I don't enjoy myself as much when I'm pushing myself.  Maybe no one does?  I realized I didn't have as much fun at the sprint tri I did a few weeks back because I was really pushing myself.  Maybe I'm better off just being a cruiser.  But on the treadmill I want to really push myself, I think to avoid boredom.  I don't get bored outside so I'm happy just to cruise. 

I did mine WITHOUT dumbbells.  Body weight alone was plenty.
Anyway, after the run I did legs/shoulders/core.  I'm trying out some new leg exercises.  I did split squats, almost the same as a lunge but instead of using both legs to raise yourself, you only use the front leg, and pretty much try to leave the back leg at rest.  Hard to do.  I also did some pliĆ© squats, which were...uh...interesting.  I got into position and then, thinking squats are sort of no big whoop for me, dropped down without any hesitation.  Ouch!  My body is not used to these.  My adductor muscles (inner thigh) are weak!  I kind of knew that but forgot.  Still, I was able to do two sets of 8, gingerly.

I dropped the leg extensions on the machine in light off all this.  I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me with weak quads.  It's hard to use only your quad on those split squats so if I'm not finding that I can do it, I'll drop those and go back to the machine.

Wednesday was a day off from the gym.  I've been scraping with my points and I ended up going over by 7 points yesterday, so just after getting back in the black, I'm back in the red.  And that includes going on a walk yesterday with the kids to earn an extra point.  If I stick to my daily points today, and go to the gym like I'm planning, I should even out.  I was feeling munchy after dinner last night so I ended up having a Yasso bar.  They are a frozen Greek yogurt bar, which are pretty good in their own right, but for only 2 points they are really good.  A little while later I had a string cheese.  So I went from being 4 points to 7 points in the red.  Oh well, I did a weight check on Tuesday and I was back to 154.2 so hopefully between then and now I've dropped something.

p.s.  this is not my body.  Ha ha!
Last thing...I want some new shorts for the gym!  I saw these cool shorts on someone at the gym and asked her where she got them.  Athleta...they are called Vata and I want them!  They are snug to your leg so if you are doing something where your shorts would fly up and show your upper upper thigh...they won't.  We have a local Athleta store but they only have them in black.  Boo!  I want blue.  So maybe I'll order some online.  

Lots to do this weekend...getting together for a big, extended family picnic on Saturday, that should be fun.  Not sure what's going to happen on Sunday but it will involve burning some calories I know that.  Supposed to be good weather...yay summer!  And yay me for getting this weight off and feeling good in summer clothes!!!!


  1. If you like fudge bars check out Healthy Choice Fudge Bars - only 2 points and always satisfying (almost always...I've been known to eat two in a row :)

  2. Oooh I agree with you those are some cool-ass shorts! Doing "reverse crunches" on a bench the other day I was extremely concerned about facing the wall so I wasn't putting on a show! And I've been meaning to try some of those frozen Greek yogurt bars...

  3. I just started going to the gym a few weeks ago. I hate to exercise, but I know it's important to do so. I got really serious on my Challenge last week and I'm down 4.8 lbs, lost 1 inch on my chest and 2 inches on my waist. I'm pretty sure that will taper off for next week's weigh-in. Wasn't expecting that much off. But, I do really like going to the gym, especially after seeing the benefits already. Will have to try those squats...maybe...LOL!

  4. Love those shorts too! Athleta has free shipping on orders over $50. Order a couple sizes & then take one back to the store so no return shipping! The Hana 2 in 1 is cool too.

  5. Before shorts you need Neoprene Dumbbells 10 lb equipment because it makes your body slim and make you smarter then you don't need to go gym.. Neoprene Dumbbells 10 lb


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