Thursday, June 7, 2012

My "Gym Rant" Post

I've been meaning to write this post for a while.  One of the fitness magazines that I "like" on Facebook posted asking for pet peeves from gym goers.  The response was long and loud in terms of the number of complaints people had about their gym-goers.  Here are some that I remember.

I hate it when...
  • someone gets on the treadmill right next to mine when there are other open ones
  • a woman has full make-up on when working out
  • someone stinks
  • people don't wipe off a machine when they're done using it
  • people grunt or groan while lifting weights
  • fat people wear clothes that are too tight, too revealing, too anything
  • someone slams down the weights when they are done using them
  • I see people who don't use good form
  • people drive to park as close as possible to the front door only to go inside and walk on the treadmill
  • people wear clothes that show butt crack, cleavage, mid-section, etc 
  • new year resolutioners swarm the gym in January and February
  • a fellow gym-goer tries to chat me up
  • people sit on the benches or machines, and proceed to have a conversation or watch tv
I've also had friends post on Facebook, complaining about their fellow gym-goer's clothes, body odor, exercise choices, etc.  In general, I am irritated with all the irritation.  When did we become so intolerant of others?  What do you care what others are doing or how they're dressed?  It's a gym, not your living room.  I have a few answers to the above complaints.
  • If I get on the treadmill next to you when there are others available it's because A) I only plan to be on for a few minutes and it was the closest one or B) I like what's on the TV closest to that one.  
  • I workout with make-up when I'm coming straight from work.  Besides, why do you care?
  • It's a gym, some people will stink. 
  • If you are so upset by machines that haven't been wiped off then wipe them off yourself before you use them.  Problem solved.
  • Fat people can wear whatever the heck they want.  If you don't like it, build a home gym.
  • I grunt because it's hard, I groan because I'm suffering - that's what I do at the gym, hard, suffering work.  And I'm not sorry to disturb your peace.  
  • Resolutioners are the life-blood of gyms.  They sign up for a year contract and then some percentage will start no-showing by March.  Thank them for keeping your dues lower but your treadmills open.
And no, I am not above a few gym rants of my own.  Of course I think my gym peeves are totally valid :)
  • I agree, don't sit on a bench, a machine, or hoard dumbbells if you are going to be taking more than a minute break between sets.  Someone else might need that stuff.
  • Put things back where you found them.
  • There are lockers for your backpack and jacket.  The corner against the wall is not the place.
  • The upper locker next to the counter on the far left, that's my locker.  Please don't use it.
Ok, that's enough with this silly gym rant post.  Feel free to add your own gym rants, but know I will be judging you for your intolerance.  Oh, the hypocrisy!


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  2. Honestly I could care less about what others are wearing/doing at the gym. I'm there to do my thing, focus on my own workout. And while it can be nasty if people leave a piece of equipment all drippy with sweat, I totally agree with you- I'll just wipe it up myself. People worry too much about what others are doing, sometimes.

  3. Just started following your blog - pretty inspirational! Thanks!

    I have a pretty low tolerance for the cell phone/chit chat crowd. I take my workouts pretty seriously so I get annoyed with people who are either there to pass the time or need lots of distractions.

  4. I don't like it when I think people are watching me. Of course they probably aren't, but sometimes I think they are and I'm also guessing that they are judging...

    Yeah, in other words, it's all in my head, but I still don't like it.

  5. i must say that agree with your question of how as human beings we have grown so intolerant of others. no one is perfect, if you are at the gym you are working on something. that being said, at my gym there is this little old man, i am glad he is there doing his thing, but for the love of God i wish he would wear some damn shoes. the flip flop tan lines are not cool, and bare feet are gross. yes i am wearing shoes- i will not get a fungus, but seriously dude wear SHOES!!

  6. Please don't look at my treadmill "screen" while I am programming in my weight information. Just keep your eyes up and away. Thank you. :)

    Sheryl C.

  7. I try to only focus on myself when I am at the gym, however, the one thing that kills me is when people are wearing way too much cologne or perfume! I would much rather smell stinking gym body odor then be assaulted my a gallon of these..Rant over :)

  8. Like to add my response to the first one... If I get on a treadmill next to someone when there are ones open, consider it a compliment. I run alot better, faster, longer when Im running next to someone that is putting forth major running effort.

  9. I can't stand when people use a hands-free device to talk on their cell phones. They end up screaming into their phone and it is sooo loud and annoying.

  10. The fat people remark bothers me. I mean, come on, who cares what people are wearing when they work out? Same goes for revealing clothing. If you want to show your tatas or your thong while you work out more power to you. I prefer to cover myself in huge t-shirts but that's just my preference.

    My only pet peeve is when the person next to me has a loud cell phone conversation. I used to have to be on call for work and I would take the phone and walk away from my machine to answer the call (mostly because I often had to write stuff down and this is difficult to do on an elliptical) so I figure if I managed it then be polite and do the same. There are huge signs posted throughout my gym about that so clearly I'm not the only one. Go ahead an judge me! ;)

    I'm with you sometimes I pick the treadmill based on the t.v. view. Sorry but I'm not watching Fox News when I can watch Friends instead. :)

  11. You blog post is hilarious! I don't really go to a gym, and actually, I'm going next week to take a tour. And after reading this, I am sure to be mindful of these things. I don't want to make anyone upset.

  12. I am usually not a chatter, but i had a friend join me once and I have not had a workout buddy in years. We were chatting, and exercising, so huffing and puffing, and getting in some words here and there, and some lady down a few machines, with HEADPHONES ON said, "CAN YOU GIRLS PLEASE BE QUIET?? THANK YOU!!!!" holy smokes that lit me up!!!!! A) TURN UP YOUR VOLUME if were are THAT loud!!! b) SERIOUSLY?? Since when is the gym a church? study hall? The public library?? I have heard enough one sided phone convos in the gym and friends chatting it up to know that talking is NOT against the rules. That burnt me because I had no idea that the gym was supposed to be ONLY a solitary event done in solemn SILENCE!!!

    So yeah...aside from that, really nothing. :) lol


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