Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cooking up Some Fun

Ahhh, Sunday.  Sunday is a pretty good day of the week, right?  Except for it being the day before Monday.  The weekend has been a good one.  I went to the gym on Friday and had a fabulous, amazing, awe-inspiring workout.  Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but not much.  It was awesome.  I finally increased to Level 8 on the upright bike and I was still able to go pretty hard.  Level 9 might not be too far off.  I'm kind of excited at getting closer to 10.  Who doesn't like a round number?  After the bike I did chest/triceps/core.  Pushups are funny, some days they are pretty easy and then others they seem friggin' hard!  But this day they were easy, which was nice.  I just felt so strong and fit during my whole workout, which is always a nice feeling.

Friday night Miguel went fishing so it was just me and the kidlets hanging out at home.  Oh!  I almost weigh in.  Up .8 to 153.6 pounds.  No surprise there, considering how I've been eating.  The gain is motivating me to eat better this week.  Miguel had to work on Saturday (yesterday) but that didn't stop me from taking the kids to a pool party at a friend's house.  I still get a little self conscious with the whole bathing suit thing but nothing, and I mean NOTHING like I did in the past.  It's more like a passing thought, "Oh, I'm going to be in a bathing suit in front of other people.  I wish I were more fit but thank goodness I'm as fit as a I am!"  And that's about it.  Can you imagine?

I took a fruit salad and had planned to only eat that but I got hungry and ended having a mozzarella stick, 1/2 a bagel, and a few bites (as in 3) of a cinnamon roll cake thing.  I tracked it all and saved some points by having a Fage and fruit cup for lunch.  The "snacks" were 8 points and my "lunch" was only 3.  We had big plans for dinner.  Last year a friend and I (Hi Michelle!) cooked up a fun Indian food themed dinner.  This year we tackled Thai food.  We're talking authentic ingredients, made from scratch Thai food.  We made a salad, green curry chicken and vegetables, pad Thai, and rice.  Michelle made an amazing lemon grass rum drink and we had coconut ice cream with grilled bananas for dessert.  Can you say yummy?!  And who knows about the points.   So I just used what some of my biggest meals ever have been and went with 57.  That wiped out all my weeklies but left me the 5 APs I'd earned at the gym on Friday.  So that was it, my one social, off the charts meal for the week.  I have one more outing where food will be around, my mother's club board meeting on Wednesday.  But I've already decided to eat dinner before I go and skip the pizza and alcohol.  Besides, I can live off the memories of that amazing Thai dinner for at least a week.

Today, Sunday, I had thought about maybe doing a drop-in swim class with TriMore in the morning.  But it started at 8am and I just wasn't up for an early morning after those lemon grass cocktails.  So instead we hung around the house with the kids for a while and then took them on a fun outing to the candy store.  I had to taste a few things so I counted 4 points for that, hopefully that covers it.  After that I came home and changed for the gym.  I drove to the gym and then did an outside run from there, doing 4.5 miles in a bit over 46 minutes.  I averaged 5.9 mph, or a 10:10 minute mile pace, which I was happy with considering it being an outdoor (non-treadmill) run and that there's a hill. 

After the run I started on back/biceps/core work but I ran out of time.  I had to get home because Miguel has a soccer game.  So I did everything at the gym that required a machine and then finished up at home.  That's another reason I like free weight/body weight exercises, I can do them at home if I have to.  I stretched and foam-rolled my calves and IT band and then sat down for a snack and some computer time.  Whew!  How's that for a weekend?  I know I'm happy with it.  And now, to buckle down for the rest of the week and hopefully, hopefully, see a good size loss this week on the scale.  Or any loss.  I'm easily pleased.


  1. Way to bounce back in the attitude department, Michelle! I love how that just so quickly rolls off your tongue..or fingers..."i did an outside run from there, doing 4.5 miles in a bit over 46 minutes. I averaged 5.9 mph, or a 10:10 minute mile pace, which I was happy with considering it being an outdoor (non-treadmill) run and that there's a hill." Can we all get a whoot whoot for progress??!! That Thai food sounds so so yummy! Hope you have a good eating week. xo

  2. New follower. I am so inspired by your journey thus far. I also am starting my own little journey and starting blogging about it as well. I will definetly keep checking back here to reap the wisdom.

  3. Whew, I'm tired just reading about your weekend. THey sure do go fast, but you just pack yours to the hilt with activities. Way to go!!!

  4. You are getting SO FAST!!! I have taken to copying your speed work whenever I run at the gym, doing 1-minute intervals of "really-fast" - and getting up to 6.5 last time. Now that I have my Garmin I should start working the same routine into my outdoor runs, which are more frequent. I need to put some thought into how to do that with the dog. She does tend to slow my runs down, what with all that sniffing and peeing and whatnot!


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