Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wine, Bike, Run

Weekends just fly by, don't they?  I can't believe it's already Sunday night.  But man, did we pack in the activity this weekend!

A quick gym catch-up.  Thursday I rode the upright bike but I was pressed for time so instead of my normal 25 minutes I had to cut it to 20.  I pushed myself on pace to try and compensate.  After the bike I did chest/triceps/core for strength training.  I've increased my pushups from three sets of 8 reps to one set each of 10, 9 and 8 reps.  I don't know what the end-goal is with pushups but I like the idea of maybe getting up to something like 30 at a time.

Friday I hopped on the scale hoping to see a loss.  And I got it, I was down .8 pounds.  I'll take it!  This was my first full week on the Foreman challenge.  I didn't get to use my grill as much as I'd like this past week but I plan to change that this coming week.  I ended the day by hitting the gym after work.  It was a pleasant summer evening so I opted for an outdoor run in the neighborhood around my gym.  I have no idea what my pace was but I ran for 25 minutes.  And I passed someone!  Almost never, ever happens to me.  After the run I did back/biceps/core work for strength training.  I finished up with some good stretching and foam rolling.

Saturday turned out to be the BIG day of the weekend.  We went to a family barbecue during the day.  We all had a great time catching up with family, playing on the big lawn and partaking in some yummy food and drink.  One of my cousins (second cousin actually) said I helped to inspire a health shift in her life.  She works out and changed her diet and has lost 40 pounds!  It was so fun talking shop with her.  Calorie-wise, I stuck to only one glass of wine but was pretty wild with the food.  Barbecue potluck food overload!  And as soon as we got home from the barbecue I had to get ready to go to the wine club.

Wine club was a white party theme.  Putting on all white clothes (when you don't happen to have a white dress) isn't easy.  I finally settled on some white chino's, a white tank and sweater.  I was a little surprised when I saw this cell pic, I'm smaller than I imagine.

(I forgot to ask permission to post the picture, hence the blur)
Oh my goodness, I had SO SO SO much fun!  We drank wine and socialized but eventually the music got turned up and we started dancing!  Oh, and I will not even try to describe the bench press body planking shenanigans we got into.  What is it with me, alcohol, and exercise?  Anyway, we probably danced for at least 2 hours, possibly 4.  The guys eventually left us out there dancing and went to play pool (though I was solo, Miguel stayed home with the kids).  I wasn't doing it for the calorie burn but I'm sure it didn't hurt.  I hadn't eaten since the barbecue and I was hungry so on the way home I stopped food (gasp!).  What a food day, huh?  Oh well, such is life. I hit the sack totally exhausted and had serious doubts about the morning workout plans.

I woke up this morning with tentative plans to join the Marin Tri Club for a bike/run brick in Tiburon.  The Tiburon Triathlon is coming up at the end of July and this was a training for that.  I had a slight headache so I took some ibuprofen and hustled to get out the door.  I knew after all the food intake on Saturday that I really needed to make this workout.  Plus, it sounded really fun.  We rode around part of the paradise loop and then did a 2 mile run after.  I haven't checked my garmin but the woman that I kept pace with said we were doing 10 minute miles!  I sure hope that's true!!!!!  I want to do the tri but it's on a Sunday and conflicts with Miguel's soccer game so it's a no-go.  Anyway, the ride and run were just perfect and I was so happy I went.

Some members of the Marin Tri Club.  I hope I can join more of their trainings, very friendly, laid-back people.
I was back home by 11:30 and took the kids out to lunch at Chipotle.  Then we went for frozen yogurt.  Despite everything I indulged and had about a 1/2 cup myself.  The afternoon with the kids was fun.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home, admittedly feeling pretty tired all day.  And now, to remedy that, I'm hitting the sack.  Night all!

p.s.  NO idea how to calculate my Points with all this free-for-all eating.  So I just wiped out my weekly extras and the APs I earned on Friday and today - hopefully that will cover it.

p.p.s. The Color Run is coming up in 2 weeks and I keep forgetting that I even registered for it!  I hope I don't miss it altogether.


  1. You look absolutely fabulous, Michelle! Both in holding that sexy little squat pose at the wine event as well as the next morning with the tri people. Just goes to show what putting your health and fitness first will do for a girl. Keep on having fun....and inspiring people xo

    1. Thanks buddy! I'm always spurred on by your support.


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