Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Question Game

A quick post.  I was tagged by Running While Mommy to do the Another Mother Runner 10 Question Game.

So here goes!

Best Run Ever:  My memory isn't that great so I'm going to the not-so-distant past and choosing my run starting at Blackie's Pasture in Tiburon.  In the weeks since the run I've found myself reflecting on how great I felt that day, running along the water, perfect weather, feeling strong.  As an aside, my most emotional run so far was my first Triathlon run as I was crying when I crossed the finish line. 

Three words to describe my running:  Me-time, adventure, gratitude

My go to run outfit:  Running shorts (unless it's too cold), Moving Comfort Melbourne sports bra (which they've stopped making, darnit!), technical t-shirt (usually Under Armor). 

Quirky habit while I am running:  I like to imagine all the people that see me from their cars are thinking what an amazing runner I am :)

Morning, midday or evening runner?  Midday is the best!  Evening would be my second choice and morning is downright painful, though I do morning runs when there's no other time because even a hard running time is better than no running at all.

I won't run outside when:  Hmm, I don't know if I have an answer for this.  Maybe freezing cold and rain would keep me from running.  One or the other I could manage but both would probably be too much.  And by freezing cold I'm talking California standards here ;) 

Worst injury and how I got over it:  In the beginning of my running career I suffered from terrible shin splints. The key for me was to slowly build up strength and endurance.

I felt most like a badass mother runner when?  I ran the 4th of July 4-miler in less than 40 minutes.  I felt like such a rock star!

My next race is:  The Livermore Grape Stomp half-marathon.  I'm

Potential running goals for 2013?   Well, since you're saying potential goals let's just go for the gold and say maybe I'll shoot for a full marathon!

And I will tag...

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