Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Motivated!

Mostly.  This current bout of motivation started late last week and despite having a very challenging run on Saturday, I'm still feeling fired up to lose.  I think being within 5 pounds of my goal weight has me feeling extra motivated to get there, finally.  So after many years of resistance I have finally started taking a multi-vitamin.  I'm just not that good at taking a pill on a daily basis and I haven't been convinced that I really need one.  I've always thought that if I eat a balanced, healthy diet I probably don't really need to add vitamins to the mix.  But, I'm getting to be, ahem, well, not as young as I used to be and SO many women have told me that it makes them feel better so I'm in.  I went to Costco and got a huge bottle of (cue booming male voice)...Premium Performance Multiiiiii.  Of course I was sold on the name.  I'm also taking a Glucosamine/Chondroitin pill and a Super B Complex (I think that's what it's called).  The Super B might be overkill as there's plenty of B vitamins in the multi.  Anyway, today is the second day in a row I've taken them, which is probably already a record for me.  I'm hoping to feel a difference in my energy levels from taking all these horse pills.  Dammit vitamins are big!

On the fitness front things are moving along well.  I had a nice day off from exercise on Sunday.  We took the kids to a local community picnic and had fun watching and joining in their fun.  Miguel had his soccer game in the afternoon so I took the time to submit my final documents for the George Foreman challenge.  It's been 12 weeks already!  I lost a little less than 6 pounds during the 12 weeks but the biggest thing was that I moved into the normal category on the BMI scale.  I'm still getting used to officially not being overweight.  I heard a news snippet on the radio this morning about how more Americans than ever are falling into the Obese category and I thought, not me, not anymore.  It feels good.  I took my final pictures in a bikini but I don't have the guts to post them here.  On the sly I posted them in the during section of my blog so if you want to see them you can go there.  I also shared them on my Facebook page and was overwhelmed by the positive response.  I look at those pictures and tend to see flab and fat that I want to lose.  But all the positive comments helped me to see that my view remains really skewed and that I must look pretty good.  I still feel like they are "before" pictures from a P90x commercial.

Ok, back to fitness.  Yesterday (Monday) I took myself to the gym and did 25 minutes on the upright bike, level 8, random.  Whew, it was hard.  I was sweating and probably grunting at some points too.  I hate it when someone is sitting next to me without headphones, I get self conscious about how much noise I might be making during my suffer-fest on the bike.  Anyway, I did it, and felt good about it.  Then I did legs/shoulders/core for strength training.  I haven't done a legs routine in weeks and was a bit nervous about how it would go.  But I did fine.  It was mostly not too hard, but not easy either, and only a few exercises really had me struggling.  I was happy with that.  And it felt really good to be settling back into my routine.  Today is Tuesday and I was supposed to do a morning run.  Didn't happen.  Now I have to try and squeeze it in after work.  4.5 miles is tough to "squeeze in" since it's nearly an hour of running.  But we'll see, I can get creative hopefully.

My eating has been good. I have been tracking 100% and staying within my points.  I was feeling munchy last night and ate a large portion of pseudo-healthy multi-grain chips last night, followed by hot cocoa made with milk.  But I had the points for it so I just logged it and moved on.  It's a good thing I didn't have any chocolate in the house or I would have gone overboard. 


  1. Hi Michelle - I'm a newbie to your blog and just loving it. You are a real inspiration and I have to say those bikini photos you sneaked in are AWESOME! You should be sooooooooo proud of yourself. I can't remember how I stumbled onto your blog but I am glad I did (hell I didn't even have an account so all new to me!). I am doing my first tri next month and some of your older posts have been so helpful. Loving your journey. Much love from Down Under. :)

    1. Thank you MsE! Have fun at your first tri - there's nothing like the first one so enjoy it!

  2. Just found your blog and found this post to be so inspiring! I started my weight loss journey two months ago using the Fullbar program. So far using Fullbar and a new exercise program I have dropped 15lbs. When you see success with your hard work it is uplifting and makes you want to keep working hard


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