Thursday, October 25, 2012

Olympic Dreams Dashed

I have been non-stop exercising and my eating has been perfect since the half-marathon.  LIES.  ALL lies.  I haven't been to the gym once and I've been eating like a bear stocking up for winter.  Work has been busier than usual and I've used that, plus needing rest from the half-marathon as an excuse to not exercise.  I have no explanation for the eating.  That's not true either.  I'm blaming that on stress.  We've had some childcare issues lately, nothing horrible, just unexpected change that's had me stressed out.  Let's blame my eating on that, shall we? 

But this is all going to change today.  I am getting my little butt in gear and snapping myself out of this lazy spell.  No more dinner rolls with butter at 10pm, no more doubling up on sugar-coated cereal at breakfast, no more going back for seconds at dinner when I'm not even hungry anymore.  Stop.  No...go.  Go, let's get moving Michelle!

On to the upcoming triathlon.  I was reading over the course description last night and I came to the conclusion that I'm not ready for the Olympic distance.  Oh sure, I could do it.  I have no doubt about that.  But I don't think I'd enjoy it.  And I'm not in this to suffer, I'm in this to have fun!  The thing that really got my attention was the bike.  I remember last year at the sprint that the bike route was tough with all the up-and-down on the hills.  For the Olympic distance I'd have to do that same route - THREE TIMES.  Nope, does not sound fun.  At least not with zero training.  So I emailed the organizers to see about switching to the sprint distance.  And if I sign up for the Olympic distance next year I will not sign up for a 1/2 marathon two weeks prior and I will follow a training plan.  Let's just hope the organizers let me switch. 

Ok, can we switch topics and talk about Halloween candy?  I am taking the NOT ONE PIECE approach this year.  It's worked wonders for me in the past and truth be told, it's the easier way to go.  I just say no 100% of the time and then there's no debating with myself, giving in, regret or mistakes.  Beck says that a lot of our temptation related stress comes from the decision making part - but once we make the firm decision the stress goes away.  I have not always found this to be true but it's true a lot of the time. And I know it was true when I did zero Halloween candy a few years ago.  And I need less stress so that's the plan.  So far, so good.

Tomorrow is weigh-in Friday.  I expect to be up by around 2 pounds.  Hopefully not more.  I've been eating like crazy and not exercising so that should come as no surprise to anyone.  The good thing is, I know how to reverse it and I'm starting today.   And finally - are you watching the World Series?  I hope so because that's my hometown team - the SF Giants - kicking ass!  Go Giants!!!!

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