Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moving Right Along (and Tri Pictures!!)

After my incredible experience at the Marin Triathlon this past Saturday I took Sunday off to rest.  We used our day to run errands and get stuff done around the house.  I've been focused on keeping my eating in check, hoping to make goal tomorrow.  But two days ago TTOTM started out of the blue and, of course, my weight jumped up as a result.  Not this week.  But I'm trying not to let that be an excuse to go snack-crazy.

My workouts this week have been good.  On Monday I went to the gym and ran 3 miles on the treadmill.  I'm still doing this plan:

3 minute warmup walk
5 minutes @ 6.0
2 minutes @ 7.0
3 minutes @ 6.0
2 minutes @ 7.0...continue the 3/2 intervals until I get to 3 miles, which has been taking around 28.5 minutes total (not counting the warmup walk).

After the run I did legs/shoulders/core.  The workout was a challenge given that I'd just done the tri two days prior, but nothing I couldn't handle.  My old trainer was there working out, the one I started with when I made my post-Myra fitness comeback.  "You are so tiny, I can't believe how small you are."  Wow.  I wish I could see whatever he's seeing when I look in the mirror.  It's not like I still see myself as "big" but I sure don't see "tiny" either.  But that's ok, I'm happy with what I do see and sometimes I catch an unexpected glimpse of myself and get a little perspective.

Tuesday I rode the bike for 25 minutes, level 8.  My legs were not happy.  Not happy at all.  But I promised them no more work until Thursday if they hung on and finished the ride.  Success!  After the bike I did chest/triceps/core and am still really enjoying the new tricep stuff I'm doing.

Wednesday is a normal day off from the gym.  I spent time with the kids all morning and then my mom visited in the afternoon.  I took the opportunity to go shopping.  Most of the pants I have now are a size 8 and are too big.  I went to my favorite store, Goodwill, and scored 3 pair of pants and 2 pair of jeans.  The are all size 6 except the jeans - one are a size 4 and the other are a size 8.  The pants are going to be great for winter, which is good because it's starting to get cold here!  Well, by California standards.  It was 50 degrees when I picked up the kids from pre-school at 5:30pm and I thought snow would start falling any second - I was freezing!  I also found a few cute tops and sweaters.  I spent $65 and got tons of clothes (and all quality brands too!).

Today at the gym I started with 25 minutes on the treadmill, but I increased my pace to 6.1mph and my fast intervals to 7.1mph.  I ran the three miles in 27:49 with an average 9:23 minute miles.  With a 1% incline.  Nice job Michelle!  After that I did back/biceps/core.  I was able to do 3 neutral grip pullups!  I love doing them, just wish I could do more.  I'm going to work my way up to three sets of 8.  That should take, oh, about 5 years.  Good thing is, I've got nothing but time.

So the pictures are out from the Marin Triathlon.  Without further ado...

Swim, Bike, Run
These are the three I purchased.  I'm really happy with them.  Of course my overly-critical self sees flaws but my generous self sees 100% amazing.  I try to give the most airtime to my generous self.  She's more fun to be around anyway.  Ooookay, getting off course here.  How do you like the new wetsuit, pretty spiffy huh?

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  1. You did it! Made up your mind. Kept exercising. Changed your eating. Got better at it all. Got super healthy. Had fun. Challenged yourself. Inspired others. And now look! You made your goal weight! I know it's just one way to measure your progress, but it must feel so good to accomplish that. So proud of, and inspired by you, Michelle. Xo


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