Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Sore Throat and a Warm Heart

It's been an interesting week so far.  I started getting sick just as it was getting underway.  I worked on Monday and dragged myself through the day.  I was debating with myself about exercise but when my body starting aching all over, I knew I had to take a pass.  I got home, took some ibuprofen and tucked myself in bed pretty early.  Fortunately my mom was able to take over most of the final preparations for Santa's big arrival.  The ibuprofen took care of the body aches but my throat was still sore.

Christmas morning and I woke up feeling a bit better, which was helped by the excited squeals of the kids, "Santa came and left wots of presents!"  The kids had a blast opening them, Marek used the highest pitch voice yet to scream "Star Wars Legos!".  Myra is still young enough to enjoy the unwrapping more than the presents themselves.

After all the present fun we had a yummy breakfast.  My mom made a cheesy egg souffle with ham and toast.  My body started hurting again midday so I took more ibuprofen and accepted the sad reality that my 4 mile run was not going to happen.  It was also pouring rain, not that the rain would have stopped me. 

We spent the day playing with the kids and watching movies.  My mom and I made dinner - a rib roast, wild rice with mushrooms and pine nuts, and brussells sprouts (with butter!).  I opened a bottle of very good red wine, no one else drinks the stuff so I got to enjoy it all by myself.  I was in the mood to imbibe and figured I'd have no problem drinking the whole bottle.  I got a bit tipsy but before things got too crazy it was time to eat dinner.  By the time that was over I couldn't put anything else in my body.  So, turns out I can't polish off a bottle of wine by myself after all.  I shared this sad fact on Facebook and my friends were full of good advice, telling me that I need more practice, I need to train harder, and that pacing is important.  The word wineathlon was even offered up.  Ha!

Not too long after dinner I started feeling run down again.  I went to bed on the early side but for the life of me I couldn't sleep.  My throat hurt terribly, I couldn't seem to get comfortable and despite feeling tired as heck, I just couldn't sleep.  Around 11pm I gave in and took some Advil PM (I know, my poor liver!) and hoped like heck I'd feel good enough to go for a run in the morning.

I woke up this morning with my throat still being sore.  It hurt to swallow but my body felt ok.  And I felt pretty well rested.  I decided I could run.  But it was cold out and I thought it'd be better to go run on the treadmill at the gym and get some strength training in as well.  I got to the gym but the sun breaking through the clouds and the cool, still air beckoned me - so I ran outside after all.  I decided to do my old 3-mile route and run easy given that I'm probably still a bit sick.  Once I was underway I started thinking about how an "easy" run used to be something I didn't understand.  There was no such thing as an "easy" run in the early years.  Now I understand, and it feels so good to be able to go on an easy run. The air was cool and crisp, the ground wet from early morning rain, the decorated houses and the quiet - it all added up to make for a very peaceful and fulfilling run.  I was feeling so good that I wanted to keep going and contemplated adding on some mileage. "Michelle, don't be silly, you're sick," I told myself.  I took my own advice and kept it to 3 miles.  After the run I did back/biceps/core for strength training.  I dragged a bit with the weights, I felt stiff and the weights felt heavy.  It probably didn't help that all I'd had was a few sips of coffee before the exercise.  Not enough fuel for the fire. 

I was so grateful to be able to get some exercise in.  The rest of the day was spent eating and sitting around so it was a good balance.  Tomorrow was supposed to be a morning boot camp class with a friend (my mommy/running buddy Laurie) but it got canceled so I'm going to the gym instead.  Just as well, this way I'll be able to do my normal strength training routine.  And I plan to go again on Friday, which means I'll get my three strength training sessions this week.  My throat is still sore but my body is feeling much better.  I'm going to try to hit the sack early and hope I have an easier time falling asleep.

So the food has been all savory, salty, sweet, sugary, fatty, high-calorie goodness.  But I'm feeling pretty done with all the indulgence, at least as far as food is concerned, and ready to get back to my chicken breasts and roasted veggies.  I got on the scale this morning and I was just above 143.  Still within the normal range but a bit above where I've been hanging out lately in terms of weight.  No surprise there.  Of course I feel compelled to drop the extra pound or so even though I'm still below my goal weight.  Don't get me started on the insanity of it all. 

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday, whatever your faith or celebration.  And if, like me, you went a bit overboard on the calories - don't fret.  You're just really good at celebrating :)  You can get right back on track starting with your next meal.  Besides, we won't be wearing shorts or a bathing suit for months!

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