Friday, January 11, 2013

A Key Carrying Lifetime Weight Watchers Member

Some days are just good, and today was one of them. 

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and got my Lifetime Membership. 
Lifetime Membership is a valuable privilege you receive after completing your weight loss journey as a Weight Watchers Meetings member. Lifetime membership is only for Meetings members.  You receive a Lifetime Membership recognition award when you achieve a weight goal that is within the Weight Watchers Healthy Weight Ranges.
I guess I have completed my weight loss journey, and my weight maintenance journey is underway.  Claudette, my Weight Watchers leader, had me stand up and say a few words.  I shared some of my "before" pictures and felt like I was winning an award.  And people came up to me after the meeting and said I was helping to inspire them.  It was so cool!  Of course I have pictures.

Claudette and I
My people.  They get it, I get it, we all get it.  There's power in that.
My new keyring bling.
What a nice day today.  It was chilly here in the bay area but I was plenty warm myself.  I had a bigger than usual lunch, not really "big" in volume but maybe in calories.  Fries and butter might have been gone in my mouth.  I wasn't worried, I knew I could balance with the rest of my eating for the day.

My day was too full for exercise.  I got home from work and made whole wheat pasta with a ground turkey marinara sauce.

Dinner: 1 cup of whole wheat pasta with a scoop of sauce, broccoli and a salad
I only had tomatoes for my salad, which is kind of boring, so I threw some cold lentil salad I had in the fridge, which included a bit of carrots.  At least it added some interest.  That and my Newman's Own Lite Balsamic and I was happy.

While I was making dinner I started itching to exercise.  Miguel cleared me to go after the kids went to bed.  I ended up going a bit earlier.  I got on the treadmill with a plan to run three miles but my legs were screaming.  After yesterday's exercise mania they were not happy to be at it again.  I told myself just to give it a rest, that I have to run 10 miles on Sunday.  So I ran 1 mile and got off to do some weights.  It was chest/triceps/core.  My abs are also sore from yesterday so I dropped one set of ab exercises.  The whole thing was a little more difficult than usual but I was happy to have done it. 

Unfortunately, I came home and was watching a documentary and started munching on crackers.  In the end I ate the whole tray of them, which is about 4 servings.  Nothing to freak out over but it was more than I needed.  Still working on moderation over here.

Last thing, I hopped on the scale this morning for my Friday ritual and what did I see?  139.2 pounds.  I'm not sure what to say about that.  I'm still losing, obviously, despite feeling like I eat a bit more than I did before I hit goal.  I'm not willing to start purposefully eating more when I don't want to so I'll just continue to watch and see what happens with my weight.  I don't want to lose any more weight, though I'd like to gain some muscle and lose some body fat.  Unfortunately that's not happening, I'm dropping weight but my body fat continues to stay around 27-28%.  I'm not complaining, mind you, I haven't lost all perspective on this. 

Ok, I'm super tired, off to bed.  Hopefully I'll clock close to 8 hours, and boy do I need it.

p.s.  Yes, I'm eating enough.  No, I'm not trying to lose more weight.  Sorry, been getting a lot of flack lately and it's starting to get to me.


  1. You were rocking those jeans at your lifetime WW meeting, missy! Sounds to me like you're eating enough, probably just all that lean muscle burning it up

  2. Congrats! You truely are an inspiration!

  3. ha, there's an irony in going from people criticising you for being overweight to people doing it for when they think you are under hey?? Often it can be from a little jealousy, sometimes concern too. You are looking fabulous, I'm sure your body will "right" itself soon enough and find its balance :) I used to find my weight would fluctuate by 5 pounds over a year depending on the season and activity too, so sometimes I was leaner, sometimes heavier...meh. As long as the jeans still fit!!

  4. That's GREAT news!! Congrats!!

    You had asked about Vegas advice on my blog. I'll be posting more info on where we hiked / ran on Monday, but today I posted other little bits - Stop by Monday for a bit more. Thanks!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wags! What a big accomplishment - you are incredible. :-) I've enjoyed following your journey and I'm thrilled at your success. You're such an inspiration!

    I think you need to switch your scale to "athlete" mode - I'd be really surprised if you are 27-28% fat. I say, "no friggin' way!"



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