Monday, January 14, 2013

A Soiled Fan

My life is not immune to the ups and downs everyone experiences.  And today was a down day.  There might be a fan somewhere with a bit of excrement on it even.  It's nothing I'm going to go into here, this is not that blog, but I'm coping.  And don't worry, life and limb are not in danger.

Soy Milk and Creamer
So I still had to go about my standard duties.  And unfortunately I have not become one of those people who loses their appetite under stress.  I had breakfast.  I decided to treat myself to my weekend cereal and had that with light soy milk. I checked the amount of sugar in regular 1% milk and the vanilla soy and it was comparable so I went with vanilla (in fact, I think the soy had less sugar).  I'm giving this possible lactose intolerance thing a test run.  I still had my regular coffee cream so it's not a full test as yet.  But I did buy some soy creamer so tomorrow I'll have that.

I don't remember having a morning snack but can't be sure.

Lunch was a Subway sandwich.  I went with my standard 6-inch on wheat, chicken breast, double meat, no cheese, veggies, jalapeno and oil/vinegar as my only condiment.  It did the trick.  My cold is not only hanging on but seems to be making a comeback before it was even gone and I can hardly taste anything anyway.

I didn't have an afternoon snack either, which is probably fine given last night's fried chicken dinner.  I had a slight headache for most of the day and I really needed to exercise to let off a little stress. I went to the gym after work and rode the bike for 25 minutes.  My legs were not thrilled, which I imagine has to do with yesterday's 10-mile run, but I did it.  That was followed by back/biceps/core.  I managed 3.75 pullups followed by 3 pullups.  Not bad.  I was rushed but got almost everything done.  It was a decent workout but nothing to write home about.

The beef stew was not as unappetizing as it looks, though admittedly I could barely taste it.
Dinner started with a handful of chips dipped in guacamole.  We had a bunch of ripe avocados to use up.  Oh, and I ate a half of an avocado while I was making the guacamole.  That's how I roll sometimes.  For my meal I had beef stew and sauteed squash.  It was dinner and, like lunch, did the trick.  I still have that lingering headache so I'm going to take some Advil PM and hit the sack.

Wish me a better day tomorrow.  And the take-home message is, don't use stress as an excuse to exercise, that's when you need it the most. 

*even though this post went up today (Tuesday) it's yesterday's post (Monday).  I wrote it and thought I hit "publish" but I guess not.  


  1. Michelle -

    I have been following you and your blog for a LONG time! You have been an inspiration to me. I am back where you started back in 2007, but everytime I see you and your blog it motivated me. Not only to eat healthy, but to exercise! That is what I know I need to do inorder to be healthy.

    I know you are getting comments about looking too skinny, and not eating enough. Just know that they are making those comments just because they are not used to seeing the skinny you! In a few weeks, they will not be making those comments anymore. If they are still making those comments, try to take it as a compliment! You look fantastic!!! Hopefully, I will be right there with you next year!


    1. Thank you Eva. It's a boost to my spirit to hear that I might be helping to inspire someone. I look forward to hearing about all your successes this year so keep me posted!

  2. Pull ups! That's awesome that you have the upper body strength to do them! And definitely try out the almond milk!


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