Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Day, Another Training Run

Today was interesting, a mish-mash of events that had my head spinning a bit.  Food-wise it was a bit strange too.  I had Kashi GoLean with soy milk and used the soy creamer for the first time.  My coffee was not as sweet as usual but I've weaned myself off of overly sweet coffee over the years so I could handle it.

My stomach keeps me on a tight schedule and come time for my mid-morning snack I was quite hungry.  I haven't gotten so far as lactose-free greek yogurt (is there such a thing?) so I had some plain Fage 0% with a sliced banana.  Very filling.

Fage 0% plain Greek yogurt, sliced banana.  (+ vitamins)
Later in the day I got ready to go on my run, 5 miles are due up on the schedule. It was chilly outside so I wore two layers on top but with my standard cropped running pants.

Pre-run picture.  Don't I look happy?  Don't answer that.
I had an AccelGel because it'd been a good while since I ate anything and needed some energy.  I kept reminding myself to go easy, that I just ran 10 miles on Sunday, and hit the bike yesterday, and just needed an easy run to give my body a break.  

I felt I did a fair job of taking it easy.  There were times when started to push myself, mostly when running up a small incline, and I made myself back off.  But that last mile, my body wanted to take it easier but I couldn't wouldn't let myself slip below 9:30.  Darnit, I'm not good at the train smarter, not harder thing.  At least my pacing was pretty even over the 5 miles.  Full Garmin stats here

After the run I had to hurry to get ready for an appointment.  I didn't have time to eat a meal so I grabbed a string cheese and an apple and hoped they would keep me alive for the hour or so until I could eat.  Unfortunately when I could eat, a protein bar was my only option.  So I had that with some water.  It was definitely a case of under-eating but the circumstances didn't allow otherwise.

Dinner rolled around and I had leftovers from last night.

Beef stew and veggies.
The Beef Stew Council of America is probably going to sue me for these terrible pictures.  I'm not making it look so good but it does taste good.  Well, at least how I remember it because my taste buds are still a little shot from being congested.  Given my light lunch and my run I was hungry by the time the kids went to bed so I sat down to write this post with a big bowl of tortilla chips and some of the guacamole from last night.  I told myself to eat as much as I want, that my body probably needs the calories, fat, etc from the food.  And I've made a decent effort but I don't think I'll finish all the chips.

I am exhausted.  Today was a bit better than yesterday but still not what I'm accustomed to in terms of stress levels.  Hopefully each day will get better and better. Sorry for all the mystery, it's just personal life stuff, the kind we all deal with from time to time, and nothing I can go into here.  I need about 15 hours sleep but I'll be lucky to get 8.  I'm off to bed. 

p.s.  I realized I never posted the link to my Garmin stats for my 10 mile run on Sunday.  That's the kind of thing that wakes a blogger at 2am.  I can't imagine anyone cares but in the event there's a person as nutty as I am and wants to see them, here they are.


  1. Hope the stressful situation resolves itself soon. You are doing great with not "stress eating."

    1. Thanks Anne. No quick fix but it could be worse so I'm trying to keep things in perspective.

  2. Do you still count WW points since reaching your goal? I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting so regularly.

    1. Thanks Anna. No, I stopped counting WW points at least 6 months ago. I just sort of slowly stopped and seemed to be eating ok without doing it. After all this time it seems I integrated how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Which is basically a miracle. Never would have believed it. Thanks for the compliment, and for reading :)


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