Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eat and Run

Ahhh, I'm writing this post from a cozy hotel bed and let me tell you, it's nice.  There's just nothing else like those crisp white sheets.

I packed my gym bag this morning and thought, "maybe today will be the day" [that I can finally get back into the gym].  But it wasn't to be.  Between a busy schedule and a testy stomach, it didn't happen. Oh, and I weighed myself this morning since I'll be out of town and away from the scale tomorrow morning.  136.8 pounds.  That doesn't bode well for my carb loading, I'm losing weight when I should be gaining.  I know it's because I was sick but still, I don't like it.  Nothing I can do now but keep putting food in my mouth and hoping it sticks.

I had a nice, full morning at work and then met a friend for lunch (Hi Mira!!).  She showed up in cute workout clothes and we talked boot camp, running and all things diet and exercise (in addition to other things of course, I do have something of another side to my life).  We met at a local cafe and I had breakfast for lunch - a mushroom, onion, avocado omelet (was supposed to have swiss cheese on it too but they forgot it), hash browns and toast.

It was a big meal and I left feeling pretty full.  I keep wondering if a big meal might help with my stomach issues, and so far it hasn't.  Not eating doesn't seem to help either so I'm at a loss. 

I snacked during the afternoon on almonds (and a chocolate chip cookie) before hitting the road with Monique for Sacramento and George Strait.  We ate dinner at our hotel.  I still wasn't that hungry but ate anyway, reminding myself I need to be eating more for Sunday so I had a couple slices of bread, then shared a spicy crab bisque with Monique and for my entree I had petrale sole.  The sole came with a lemon butter sauce but I asked for no sauce and just lemon on the side.  And it was served with rice pilaf but I subbed for the rosemary, blue cheese french fries fries I saw on the menu, that just sounded too interesting to skip.  Except I forgot to ask for my fries crispy and they were too soft for my liking so I hardly ate them.  Life is too short for soft fries.  The veggies were good, except for the cheese sprinkled on them.  Man, I sound grouchy.

The fish sort of blends in with the fries and the plate but it was a good sized portion.  I ate all of the fish and most of the veggies but like I said, hardly any fries.  I felt really full because remember, I was hardly hungry when I started.  My appetite is so much lower too when I don't exercise.

After a quick dinner it was off to the show!  Unfortunately my stomach was just too unsettled for me to drink. I had a few sips of Monique's beer but that was it.  Maybe I need to get drunk, maybe that will kill whatever bug is remaining in my stomach and making me feel like I can't run.  The good news is I enjoyed the concert just fine without a drink or three.  Martina McBride opened the show, I love that song Independence Day, I wanted to jump out of my seat.

And George was a treat.  He's such an icon that it was a bit surreal to be seeing him live.  He played songs from his new album too, which were fun. We were back to the hotel by midnight and now I'm wiped out tired.  We're right next to the river and there's a six-mile riverside path that I'm hoping to visit in the morning.  I'm not running the whole thing but I have to get up and run something despite how my stomach is feeling.  I can't let Sunday morning at Kaiser be the first time I've run in over a week, that's just too risky, even for me.


  1. Who ever thought needing to eat more would ever be a problem?! Hope that stomach settles down and you get to run along the river. That's such a nice path : )

  2. Hoping and praying that your stomach is fine this morning and that you find that your run is delightfully easy even with the time off to recuperate!


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