Thursday, January 17, 2013

Food Is Not The Solution

I've you've been around the dieting world for a while you've no doubt heard the phrase, "If hunger is not the problem, food is not the solution" or something like that. Things are still fairly off in my world but I'm starting to believe there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, even though I can't see it yet.  The good news is, despite all of that, I'm still exercising and for the most part I'm not using food as a source of comfort. That's because, again for the most part, I've learned that I won't find the comfort I'm looking for in food.  It does not soothe my soul, it's more like a temporary distraction (with a downside).

Anyway, I've been eating my morning cereal with soy milk and coffee with soy creamer.  One of my FB peeps told me the soy milk made her nauseous so I Googled it to see what I'd find.  Of course as I type into the Google search bar...  You might remember I've had a cold, and it seemed to be getting worse again as of yesterday, so seeing "nasal congestion" piqued my interest.  Maybe my cold is not getting worse, maybe it's the soy milk.  I never got around to looking up soy milk and nausea.  Argh, so much to consider with all this.  After this 1/2 gallon of soy milk is gone I think I'll try rice or almond milk next to see if my nose clears up.

So I spent the day home with the kids and it was a rest day from exercise.  I had a mother's club meeting in the evening so we decided to have dinner at a nearby Chevy's.  I ate the chips while we waited for our food.  I was so rushed all I had time for was a bowl of their tortilla soup.  I expected to be hungry again later but no.  That didn't stop me from eating two buttered dinner rolls when I got home just because it seemed like a good idea (and I though the soup might not have been enough, despite my lack of hunger).

I got a fun little package in the mail.  The folks over at Green Layer Sports were giving away Marin County Triathlon polo shirts on Facebook a while back and I won one!

Happy to represent my hometown Triathlon !!

I requested a size medium and boy was it tiny!  It fits, but barely.  If I gain a few pounds I'll be in trouble.  I love the embroidered logo from the triathlon, so cool. 

Japanese Wasabi Bowl w/ Salmon from Pacific Catch
I haven't been getting enough sleep these past few days and last night was no different.  I'm also not feeling my usual joy of life these days and not getting enough sleep doesn't help.  Ugh, I'm sorry for all the doom and gloom.  Life goes on, right?  So I went to work today and had nice lunch plans to look forward to.  A reader of my blog, Cori, messaged me on FB and before long we were making plans to meet up for lunch.  We went to Pacific Catch and I had my standard Japanese Wasabi bowl with salmon (and wakame salad, avocado, daikon sprouts, cucumber, ginger, sesame seeds, shredded nori, soy-wasabi sauce).  They have a half brown rice/half greens option so of course I did that.  And it was as good as ever.  Though my taste buds are a little dulled by congestion so I added generous amounts of wasabi paste to punch up the flavor.  It was a lot of food and I ate a bit more than necessary but a slightly overfull tummy is not always a bad thing.

Meeting Cori was a blast!  She's on her own journey of self-discovery in relation to all this food and fitness stuff and it was fun to talk about the lessons we've learned, the lessons we're still working on and everything in between.  And of course we took a picture!

Hi Cori!
After lunch it was a busy afternoon of back-to-back appointments.  I left work a little late but headed to the gym to do what I could with the time I had.  Thursday spin class was starting and Glenn's smiling face was just what I needed.  So I joined in but only for 25 minutes.  I hopped off the bike and went to do legs/shoulders/core work.  I couldn't do all my sets but I hustled my butt through some jump squats, lunges, Arnold's, and leg extensions to name a few.  I stretched for about 30 seconds and then ran to my car to pick up the kids.

I had hoped to have a lean dinner to offset that big bowl of yummy from lunch but my husband made tipico and I was happy to eat it. 

Black beans (refried), avocado, crema, and a flour tortilla
I ended up eating another 1/2 tortilla in addition to this one but didn't finish all the beans.  After the kids went to bed I sat down to watch a little TV and write this post, and I broke into the flan that's been in my fridge for days.  A while back Miguel set up a friend's home wireless network so his wife made us a flan as a thank you.  In the end I had two pieces.  Only to be followed up with some Lay's chips a while later.  No, it's not soothing my soul but sometimes, it's just something to do that feels a little bit better than nothing.   


  1. You are such an inspiration! I hope things let up and the sun shines soon :)

    1. Thanks Brianna. It's one of those deals where you have to face your problems and then take the time to deal with them. No quick fix on this one unfortunately but at least I'm not falling off the fitness/health wagon in response, which is comforting. Thanks again for your support.

  2. Ummmm... Cows milk does it to me, not soy. I know, everything out there will wreak havoc on someone. I've been on the coconut milk kick, not because of any allergy thing, but because it has a lot of potassium in it, and I like actually like it. Everyone around me has been sick and I'm trying my best not to get sick! Take care and I hope it passes quickly.


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