Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recovery of a Different Sort

Woah, it's been a nasty weekend so far in our household.  It all started with Marek being sent home sick on Thursday from preschool.  We thought he had a little stomach bug but nothing to be too concerned about.  Other than vomiting once he seemed fine.  Myra had had some GI issues too but no vomiting.  Last night Miguel arranged for some friends to watch the kids so we could go out on the town.  In the hour or so between my eating dinner and getting ready to go out my stomach started feeling horrible.  Mostly I was nauseous and it started to look like a bad idea to go out.  Miguel thought I was being a softy but within the next hour I was vomiting and suffering from other unmentionables and mostly feeling like I was going to die.  And then Myra was up no less than five times throughout the night throwing up.  And I was so weak I actually collapsed while walking to the kitchen.  I have a small bruise on my knee but otherwise I'm fine.  Marek had an early morning session himself.  Thank goodness my mom friend Laurie dropped off supplies in the form of Gatorade and Pedialyte, there was no way we could get to the store.  Our household was a mess but fortunately Miguel seemed to be spared, that is until mid-morning today when he was struck too.  I was carrying on my death vigil in bed while he was a rock star in taking care of both kids, doing umpteen loads of laundry and cleaning up repeated messes while he was sick himself.  By late afternoon we were all exhausted and the whole house fell into a peaceful slumber.

By tonight I am feeling about 80% back to normal.  Hopefully a full night sleep will restore me to at least 90% by tomorrow.  I made chicken soup for dinner and the kids had toast and apple sauce.  So far, fingers crossed, we seem to be over the worst of it.

Of course my run plans for tomorrow morning are probably not realistic.  Despite wondering, "maybe I can run, if I sleep well, hydrate and my symptoms are totally gone", I'm erring on the side of, oh, sanity and skipping the run. I barely ate today and I'm sure I can't rehydrate in a matter of a few hours. It's a bummer as some of the women on the run are doing Kaiser and I was looking forward to meeting them.  Ohhh, "Women on the Run"....I like that.  What about "A Woman on the Run" for a new blog name?  I'm mostly over re-naming my blog but the idea still comes up now and then. 

Anyway, I have a bit of good news.  I emailed the volunteer coordinator for Escape from Alcatraz (EFA) and it turns out they still had some spots available. So I'm now all set to volunteer in the transition area from 4am (gasp!) to 10:30am.  Here's what I'll be doing:
"The Transition Area is the central hub of the Triathlon. This is where the athletes will transition from swimming to biking and later from biking to running! It's an exciting spot with lots of activity!

Volunteers in this area will be helping athletes as they arrive first thing in the morning to rack up the bikes. They are likely to be excited but a bit disoriented, and you'll be helping them find their way around and answering questions as they get their bikes into the proper positions.

After a brief break, you'll be waiting for the arrival of the athletes as they return to transition from swimming to biking. They'll be cold, wet and a bit disoriented, but you'll be on hand to host the area and guide them. Where to enter the transition area and where to exit -- holding flags to show exactly where in the area they can mount their bike and begin the 2nd leg of the race!   You'll also be on hand to direct traffic as the first wave of athletes return from the bike course to transition to the final running leg!"
Doesn't that sound like fun?  I'm actually pretty excited to be volunteering at an event.  I also signed up to volunteer at Vineman in July.  When EFA came through I figured I'd cancel Vineman but now I'm thinking I'll still do it.  I volunteered for the finish line at that one so that should be really exciting.  We'll have to see what the family schedule looks like as the day gets closer.

That's all I got. Hope you are having a better weekend than I am.


  1. That hit me a couple weeks ago, its a vicious illness. It was a full week before I felt 100% again. Take it easy, just focus on recovering.

    1. Vicious is right! I hope I get back before then, I have a half-marathon next Sunday!! At least it didn't hit the weekend of the half and I can taper and carb load all week :)

  2. What awesome events to volunteer at! i wonder if you will sign up for them straight after for next year....??? i hope the household sickness passes quickly, sounds awful.

    1. I know, right? I'm excited. EFA - No, I will not be signing up for that. Something about the open bay swim I'm just not ready for. Now, Vineman? Might be tempting...

  3. Sorry to hear that your weekend has well....sucked! I hope tht ya'll are back to 100% soon!


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