Sunday, January 20, 2013

Redemption Run

It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco.  I got up a little later than I planned probably because I went to bed later than I planned.  But the important thing is, I got up and out the door for my run.  It was a clear, quiet Sunday morning.  I'd eaten a lot of crap the day before.  Some of my eating was almost rebellious, "you say I'm too skinny, well I can eat all this junk."  I know, TOTALLY irrational, not to mention slightly embarrassing.  Aren't I a highly evolved healthy eater?  Doesn't make even a little bit of sense except to maybe a child.  But I learned something, eating crap = depressed Michelle.  It just doesn't feel good.  Sure, a treat now and then is good, an indulgence here and there, but eating out of some negative emotion is just not the way I want to live.  Anyway, for that and other reasons I was hoping for a little redemption on my run today.

My pre-run prep consisted of two Immodium AD (it seemed to help last week), a couple puffs of the inhaler to ward off wheezing and an AccelGel.  Oh, and of course all the standard stuff - BodyGlide to ward off friction burns, ShotBloks in my SpiBelt.  I didn't bring music, I knew the scenery and people would provide all the entertainment on my run.  It was coming up on 9am by the time I parked.  I had a short warmup walk.  Can I say again how perfect the day was for a run?  Check out some pre-run pictures.

I love me some San Francisco
No better backdrop for a run

The area was crowded with runners, cyclists and lots of tourists.  In fact, I will attribute a small part of my pace to dodging people.  I ran the first couple miles at at around 10:00mm pace, which is perfect. I expected to pick it up after a couple miles, just like I did last week.  But this week that didn't happen.  And I didn't much mind, I just wasn't in the mood to push myself.  An easy 11 miles sounded good.  Plus, I was just enjoying myself so much I didn't want to change anything.  I had two shot bloks at mile 3.

The route was almost entirely flat, running along the water for the vast majority of it.  There was a small part that cut through a park with a little hill but nothing I couldn't manage.  Besides, I love hills.  I'm good at them.  Hills add interest and challenge to a run.  My legs are particularly built to run up hills.  Yes, this is my self talk.  I didn't really need it today, the hills were really short and I wasn't trying to crush them.

I hit 5.5 miles at the SF Ferry Building and stopped for a moment to get a drink of water. In general I hate stopping, it seems like my muscles tighten up, making it harder to run when I start again.  During races I don't stop at water stops, I'm the one that spills it all over my shirt while trying to drink and run at the same time.  I had two more shot bloks at mile 6.

The streets were a little bit more crowded during my return but not super packed.  I had to dodge a parking meter or two as well.  I had two shot bloks at mile 9.  Around mile 9.5 running started feeling like a challenge.  I tried to just tune out any negative thoughts and enjoy myself.  The last mile came around and I saw I'd run the previous mile in 10:35.  I decided I had to run the last mile in at least 10 minutes.  I had to push some, especially in the last quarter mile, but I was able to pull it off.  Here's my splits, and link to full Garmin stats if you're so inclined.

SF, Fort Point to Ferry Building and back.
After the run I spent some time stretching and cooling down.  I took a few minutes to take in the scene, breathing deep and trying to take a mental snapshot of how good I felt.  A bit of peace and self-acceptance - what more can you ask from a run?

I hopped in my car, opened the sun roof, and cranked up the music.  Over the Golden Gate bridge and back toward home.  I had to stop at the grocery store so I chose one that's near an Athleta store.  A little retail therapy was in order.  I found pants and a tank that I liked.  Of course I stood in the dressing room and engaged in the ritual known to women everywhere.  I stared at the imperfections and wondered if I could tolerate them enough to buy the outfit.  So I sought objectivity from the saleswoman,

Me:  Am I one of those women standing here, looking at the fat on my arms and back, and seeming like a crazy woman?  You can tell me if I am.

Saleswoman:  Yeah, you sort of are.

Sure thing.  I got the outfit and you as my witness, I will wear it in public.  I will, I swear.  And I will work hard to keep any and all negative thoughts out of my mind.  Without further delay, here are the clothes.

Athleta:  Equator tank, Odyssey Chaturanga Yoga Knicker
I bought the pants in capri and full length and have to decide which to keep.  And of course, I look at that back and arms and think, really?  Really.  I picked up a soy skinny vanilla latte at the grocery store to help me through the day.  And so far, zero stomach problems.  I'm diggin' the Immodium AD.

I got home and the house was full of guys screaming at the TV watching men in tight knicker pants run around with a ball.  I showered and changed and noted the blister that I always seem to get, and got today at around mile 9, was irritating me.  So, being the good blogger that I am, I took a picture of it.  Gross, I know.

Note to self, don't wear the white socks on the half.
This is going to be a rough segue from a blister to food but I was hungry, what can I do?  I wanted something healthy and warmed up some of the black beans I cooked last week.

black beans, rice, avocado and pico de gallo.
I couldn't finish all the rice and beans, partially because I drank so much water taking my vitamins, but I also had some chips and guacamole so it all balances out.

The rest of today has been hanging with the kids while the guys watch football.  I'm feeling the effects of the run and mark my words, I'm going to bed early tonight.  I swear. Really, I will. 


  1. Awesome job! I love doing anything outside! I finally got the bike out yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine :)

    1. Thanks! Yep, I love Sundays because that's the day I'm guaranteed to do something outside. Glad you got that bike out!

  2. You look awesome in the tank, Michelle. Can't believe you even question it. I remember after losing weight one time (the only time I really got to goal), people kept telling me (or my mother) that they were worried I was getting too thin. It was the only time in my adult life I was at the "right" size. I wouldn't worry about it. I think you look awesome!

    1. I know, it's crazy. I know that and yet I still feel awkward in clothes that show so much skin. Thanks for the support. I really believe it's because they are not used to seeing me this way. Once everyone gets used to it I think things will settle down. I just need to stop letting it get to me.

  3. OMG you can so totally wear that outfit; I have figure jealousy :) Seriously, those legs!! Enjoy your body and enjoy what it can do, good luck with that early night....;)

    1. You have the cutest figure of them all, enjoy it! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy my body and what it can do :) I need to always remember how far I've come.

  4. The outfit looks fantastic, certainly more than suitable for wearing in public :)
    As for the 'too skinny' thing, I started getting the 'don't you think you've lost enough' comments about 10kg ago and I have to admit, they annoy the c**p out of me.
    I for one think you look fabulous and healthy. Whatever the motivation is of the people giving you flack just remember that for every one of them there are many more that see you as an inspiring model of successful weightloss and maintainence!

    1. Thanks Kristin! I'm appreciating all the feedback from readers letting me know that I look healthy and good. It really does help me to keep from thinking I've lost all perspective. It's so strange how people feel it's appropriate to make these comments. Loved ones expressing their concern I kinda understand, but co-workers and other acquaintances, it's curious to me. Thanks for the support :)

  5. What kind of socks are you wearing for your runs? Once I switched over to 100% synthetic, things got a lot better for me in the blister department. The socks do a much better job of keeping your feet dry (as opposed to cotton or a blend), which means there is less of a chance of a blister. Yeah, it is kind of a gross thing to talk about - but it is all part of keeping ALL of our bodies healthy!

  6. Great workout top. You look really strong!

    I like Wright socks for blister prevention. They really work!

  7. You look fantastic and I love the structure of that top! Tell those naysayers to shove it, they are talking nonsense. So funny reading through this post: "ooh cute outfit!"... then "ew, bad blister!"


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