Monday, January 7, 2013

Vitamin C and Stomach Upset?

So I was going about my day today when my stomach started hurting again.  It was actually still hurting some when I went to bed last night but I was surprised it was hurting again today.  Then it hit me...I took my vitamins earlier today and I recently started taking Vitamin C.  In fact this past Saturday was the first day I took it.   So maybe this was the cause of my intestinal cramping after the run yesterday.  I looked up the RDA for Vitamin C and it’s 75mg.  1,000mg is quite a bit more than 75mg. I’m going to stop taking it for now and see how my tummy does.  If this solves it I’ll be happy. 

Meanwhile I was able to get to the gym today.  I am still coughing with a bit of a
stuffy nose so I had the intention to take it easy.  Instead of my normal 25 minutes, level 8 on the bike I planned to do 20 minutes, level 5.  I figured my body is still recovering from whatever I have, plus I did that long run yesterday.  But sometimes I'm my own worst enemy.  I got on the bike and as I entered the time I just felt compelled to do my normal routine.  So I did.  And it was fine.  I was definitely pushing myself at some points but it didn't feel terribly difficult.  For the record, I know this was probably foolish and I should have done the lesser but what can I say, being obsessive has its downside.

After the bike I did back/biceps/core.  The big news is that I was able to do 4 pull-ups on my first set!  Woot!!!  And I did 3 on the second set!  Progress.  This is up from doing two sets of 3 and 2 respectively.  As you may recall I'm working toward a goal of doing 3 sets of 8.  Yeah, it's going to be a long road but I know I'll get there eventually, just like I did with the pushups.

Which reminds me, I met a woman at the gym today, Robin.  We were hurrying back into our clothes after our workouts and talking about how hard it is to get a good workout in such a short amount of time.  She admired some of the stuff I do in that it works multiple things at once.  So of course I gave her my email address (and blog) and encouraged her to email me.  I love sharing the fitness love.  If you're reading this Robin, Hi!.  If you think it's odd I'm writing about you just be glad I didn't ask to snap a picture with you for this post :)  Us bloggers are crazed picture takers.

Which then brings me to my food intake today.  I have pictures.  Breakfast was my standard coffee, TJs FF vanilla creamer, and a bowl of Special K Protein Plus with 1% milk.  I was feeling very hungry at snack time (around 10am) so I had this:

Fage 0% Greek Yogurt, plain, with a sliced banana stirred in
That, along with a mug of water and my vitamins and I was set until lunch.  I sat down for lunch at 12:30pm and this is what I ate:

Salad, roasted veggies, 1/2 slice of veg lasagna, roasted chicken breast, a few bites of noodles, bowl of veggie soup.
Lunch was very satisfying.  I was accused by someone at work today of not eating enough in general.  I showed her my tray and she says, "Eh, that's all vegetables."  Not!  (but I will admit, I added the half-slice of lasagna because of her ribbing earlier in the morning).  Oh, and I had two Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate & Caramel squares that a kind soul gifted me.  I only mean that half sarcastically.  Foods like this are no longer the guaranteed booby trap that they used to be.  I was actually given the bag about a couple weeks ago and haven't finished it off.  Admittedly, that's partially because they've been in my office and my worst chocolate cravings happen at night.  If I had them in the house I am sure they would be a distant memory by now.  Plus, at my office, I keep them in a drawer so they are not in my face all the time, another thing that would cause me to gobble them up in no time.  All that said, they were gooooood.

As far as the the rest of my food day goes, not sure what I'm going to make for dinner.  Since the holidays I've been thrown off my menu-making routine and I can feel the difference.  I just dread the What's for Dinner question.  I actually signed up for a year of weekly menus but I'm not finding it all that helpful.  I have to tweak it based on our tastes and what the kids can/will eat so I still end up having to sit down and write out a menu and shopping list.  It does give me a nice jumping off point but so far I seem to use only 2-3 of their recommended meals.


  1. I'm always paranoid that I'm going to take too many vitamins! I hope that is what it is. Your lunch does look yummy!

    1. Sounds like you can take a LOT of vitamin c and be ok but maybe my system is just sensitive to it? Maybe I can get some lower mg ones and build up to 1k mg a day. My lunch was frigging gooooood! I enjoy food so much more now that I eat a reasonable amount. It's not that I don't still like all the crap, I do, but even "good" food is really good now too. If that makes sense.

  2. Hi, so glad we met at the gym yesterday! It really is an inspiration to see that you can get a good workout during your lunch hour if that's all you have available. Looking forward to learning more from you and your blog! Thanks!

    1. Yeah, hope to see you there again! Thanks for checking out my blog, feel free to email me if you have any questions. If you're on FB you can "like" my page (upper left side of my blog) and get updates, etc.

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  4. I had the same experience when it comes to taking Vitamin C specifically Ascorbic Acid, then a friend of mine suggested that I should take sodium ascorbate instead because it is not acidic.
    I admire your discipline when it comes to hitting the gym. I am motivated by this blog. Thanks!


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