Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Food Slump (and taking my own advice)

It's official, food-wise, I'm in a slump.  My motivation to avoid eating crap is low.  I'm not eating fast food every day so it could be worse, but trust me when I tell you, it's not good either.  I mentioned in my last post taking my own advice so I decided to review that advice here as a lesson for myself.  I'm going to post the title of the 10 things I have said help me to "survive a slump" and then list how I can use that tip now.
  1. Start each day fresh no matter what.
    This is a good one.  I don't think I've been doing this.  I think I'm letting the bad feelings associated with my poor choices over the last couple of days carry forward.  I need to let that go. 
  2. Accept being less than perfect.
    Oh snap.  I am not perfect, I am not striving for perfect.  I am imperfect and still entirely acceptable and enough.  I can make mistakes, I can falter and struggle, and still be ok. 
  3. Think lifestyle changes.
    Ok, lifestyle change.  Got it.  But I'm engaging in some old-lifestyle behaviors.  So how does that fit?  I guess it means that this isn't about one meal or one afternoon eating ice cream and cookies.  It's about what I do the most of the time, that's what matters.
  4. Wait it out.
    This is me impatiently drumming my fingers on the desk.  I don't want to wait, I want my motivation to come back right now.  Can you hear the whine coming through your computer?  I mean come one, it's been 3 days already!  Ha! This could last weeks, possibly longer.  I'd better sit tight and find some patience. Truth is, I've been riding such a wave of motivation for months now, if not the past year, that I've forgotten what this feels like.  My WW peeps told me getting close to goal would motivate me, and they were right.  But reaching goal does not make everything magically easy. 
  5. Remember where I came from.
    I used to carry an additional 90+ pounds with me everywhere I went.  I am fit and have a body I can feel good about.  I have come so far.  Just because eating crap makes me feel like all is lost, I know that's old black/white, on/off thinking.  That's not me anymore.
  6. Change things up. 
    Hmmm...not sure what I can do here.  Wait, I have a trainer session I need to use.  I think I'll schedule that for some new inspiration.  Ok, I just emailed Ian to schedule something.
  7. Use support.
    I need to be going to my WW meeting every week.  How else can I get more support?  I just posted on the WW forums asking for support.  Maybe I can set up a brown bag lunch date with a fitness buddy who can help inspire me.  Any takers?  Email me.
  8. Routine, routine, routine: 
    Well, well, well.  Don't I just know everything?  Yes, routine.  I've been missing my snack routine something awful lately.  I let myself get too hungry.  I've also let go of my routine of avoiding junk/resisting cravings/etc.  I remember reading long ago that cravings are like waves, they build, build, build and then crash on the shore.  Beck says if you give in, you're weakening your resistance muscle, which is what I've been doing.  I've gotten lazy in that department.  I think I'm using a lot of my mental energy on other things and so when it comes to resisting cravings, I'm feeling too weak.  I will get more vigilant about packing snacks and pay more attention to how I'm using my mental energy so I can have some when I need it.  I think I'll take a hot bath tonight.
  9. Go to the gym and do nothing
    Fortunately this seems to be a food-only slump so far.  But I know that can change.  I've had to do a little more pushing than normal to get myself to the gym but nothing extreme.  I'm just going to be happy that this part seems to be going strong and not question it.
  10. Compliment yourself. 
    Let's see.  I had a healthy lunch today that included green beans.  Healthy breakfast too.  In fact, most of my meals have been just fine so that's good.  When I fell into a grocery bag of junk food this afternoon I did take some steps to limit the damage.  Part of me is hoping that by allowing myself to buy and eat whatever I wanted, I would get whatever this is out of my system.  I don't know yet if it's worked but if not, I don't want to let it keep going unchecked.  Bottom line, it does not feel good to eat like this.  I know that.  Ok, this is about complimenting myself...what else?  I'm getting my workouts in.  I'm making home cooked meals.  I'm aware of my behavior and clearly motivated to change it (if not, what the hell is this post about anyway?).  Hang in there!  You can do it!  That's what I wrote to wrap up my slump advice.  Ok, hanging in, I can do it :)
So while I was writing this post the fabulous peeps on the WW message board responded to my call for support.  Isn't that amazing?  I got some great advice, including to meal plan for the next three days so I KNOW what I'm eating.  And to check in on the maintenance message boards, so I just bookmarked that to check later today and/or tomorrow.  Whew, I'm feeling hopeful that I can manage this little slump I seem to be in.  I know my motivation will come back, it always does.  Every. single. time.   Hang in there!  You can do it!

I said this post would include a picture.  I took some of the kids today at the park but I haven't uploaded them yet.  So I'll include one of yours truly for now.  I think I'm officially losing my marbles because I feel like my face looks plumpish in that picture.  Ack!  I'm just asking for it with that comment but it's the truth.  I know, I know.  I'm off to look at some before pictures to hopefully gain a bit of sanity here. 

As always, thanks for the support. 


  1. Great reminders (for yourself and for others) which is of course, why you created the original "How I Survive a Slump" post to begin with! You should know I have read that several times over the past year - it's REALLY great advice. Good for you, coming up with new ways to follow it!

    And yes, go find your sanity and report back - "plumpish"?? Now you're just being silly.

  2. I can completely relate to what you are going through. I lost 40 pounds in the past couple years with my lowest weight being 135 about 7 months ago. Since then I have felt myself slip back into old eating habits and the scale has creeped up and I feel totally discouraged. Everyone says I look fine but I don't feel fine because I know what I'm capable of. And that whole "get it out of my system" thing, that is why I ate a whole bag of cookies the other day. My thought process being "well if I eat them all now, they won't tempt me later." The tip I like the most is start every day fresh. Each morning we have another chance to turn it around. Your posts the past couple days have made me realize we are all human and prone to mistakes but that also means we can turn it around. Thank you for helping me realize I am not alone and that it's a mental game that I'm confident we can win :)

  3. Agh, yu look amazing regardless. But FWIW, skinny or large, we are women, we fluctuate in emotions, appetite and motivaton...and it is OK. When you just let it be and accept that in a couple of days things will right themselves, the extremes won't be so bad? And lapses in motivation are natural too (i think), it helps to take time out and perhaps "re-jig" the current routine, add in something to make it "sparkle" more...don't force things too hard, you have a lot going on!

  4. I know exactly where you are. I have done that a few times now. I gain the weight, go through the process of getting it off, for a long time even, and then something slips in my motivation. It doesn't take long to be worse off than when you started. I just started again and I won't to figure out how to get it off and keep it off this time. I have started a blog hoping that I will feel like I am answering to someone. Maybe that will help.


  5. And don't forget to head to the grocery store with a list and no random shopping or grabbing. if its not in your pantry you won't eat it!

  6. Your statement on #8 about using all your mental energy up on other things is me, me and me. Never thought about it the way you put it but it's definitely true!

  7. Excellent tips you shared in here! I couldn't agree more! I like #2 and #5 the most! It's a new realization to me. I was so caught up on losing weight more that I forgot my achievements so far. Thanks for helping me remembering it!


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