Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Double Dipping

Oh man, I'm dragging my feet this afternoon.  I've had a full weekend so far and it's not over yet.  On Saturday I started the day with an 8am WW meeting.  I had a chance to talk with Claudette about my eating and of course she asked why.  During the meeting I thought about the why and wrote down a few of my sabotaging thoughts, here's what I wrote.
Why am I engaging in old behaviors?

"I'm below goal so I can eat this."  Response:  My goal weight is not an excuse (or a reason) to eat in a way that is not healthy.  My body (and mind) do not feel good eating this way.  I got to goal by eating a healthy, balanced diet, and that's the same way I will maintain goal.

"I want it."  Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't, sometimes I'm eating it because it's there.  And my healthy lifestyle has never been "eat anything you want." Also important - there are things I want more.  I want to enjoy my food, I want to feel good about my choices.  Eating healthy boosts my confidence, and is in line my goals.  My goals.

"I like to indulge."  And I can, whenever I want.  But I want it to be an indulgence I truly want and enjoy.  This recent junk food eating has not been an indulgence that I truly enjoy.  I also won't enjoy my planned indulgences as much if I've wasted calories on crap earlier.

I think the writing, and the meeting, were about the best thing I could have done for myself.

I came home and got ready to take the kids to play mini-golf, a first for them.  Of course they loved it, my son's only asked about 15 times when we're going again, "Hey, mom, I got an idea, let's put on our shoes and go play mini-golf."

The weather was perfect so we sat outside afterward for a picnic lunch.  That was followed by ice cream sandwiches all around.  When I got home I made myself an almond milk latte, which was very tasty, so I'd last the night.... 

Later that night I got to help celebrate a friend's birthday at a local restaurant/live music venue.  I ate dinner at home and then left to join the party.  We all hung out at the bar for a while and I had a couple cocktails (vodka soda with lemon).  My stomach wasn't thrilled about the alcohol so I had a few slices of bread to settle things.  And a few bites of birthday cake.  Erin and I spent some time talking all things running and by the end of the conversation I think I enlisted her for Tri for Fun in June. It would be her first fun! 

We moved into the lounge to listen to Lost Dog Found, "Taking their love of swing music, 50's-60's era R&B, and high-energy rock and roll, Lost Dog Found has been on the forefront of the swing revival around the San Francisco Bay Area."  The music was infectious and we were all up dancing before too long.  I drank a lot of water to balance the alcohol.

Happy Birthday Sara!!
I love dancing.  Love it!  And reason #571 I like being in shape: I can dance all night long if I want!  In this case all night turned out to be until around midnight when my carriage morphed into a pumpkin.  I might have stopped for a taco and a burrito on my way home.  I hit the sack around 1am.

So what was on tap for today (Sunday)?  My legs are still sore (though slowly recovering) - If a girl can't bike or run, what can she do?  Swim!  I was lucky that Neil from TriMore Fitness had a swim workout on the schedule for 9am this morning.  That was another reason for my leaving the party a bit on the early side last night.  I posted on FB asking if anyone wanted to join me and Nina answered my call to action.  You might remember her from the Marin Turkey Trot in November.  She's doing her first triathlon, Tri for Fun, in June!

We brought our bikes with the plan to do a slow, leisurely ride after the swim.  We were in the pool for just over an hour and all I can say is, I really need more swim coaching/practice.  Swimming frustrates the hell out of me, I know I'm wasting a ton of energy due to poor form.  Neil's doing a small-group swim training series sometime this year, with video and everything.  I really need to get in on that.  Oh, I also found out about his Santa Cruz training program, it's a 10-week program that includes a trip to Santa Cruz for training on the actual course as well as a sprint event.  I sure hope that works for my schedule, sounds like fun!

So after the swim we changed and headed out on our bikes.  I found a Mojo bar in my bento box for a little energy support.  Nina has a brand new bike and is learning how to use the gears and all the other basics.  We rode a few miles to a large parking lot and then around in circles for a while so she could practice.  On the way back I was tempted by a garage sale sign so we stopped to check that out.  We eventually made our way back to our cars.  Congratulations Nina on your first ever brick workout, you're on your way!!

Go Nina!!
My legs were fine on the ride but I tell ya, they're still pretty sore overall.  I think they might need a couple days of complete rest.  Shudder! 

I came home to some errand running and ended up having a weird lunch of cashews, a banana, a small granola bar, a cheese stick - you get the idea, a grazing type lunch.  And a bit later I had Fage with canned peaches for a snack.  I'm tempted to eat more given my morning exercise but that was the same justification I used for the taco/burrito encounter last night.  Can't use that as a reason to eat more both before and after a workout, that would be some kind of double dipping I think.

So I'm tired, my body is a bit sore, but I'm feeling good about my choices today.  And tomorrow is a holiday.  Not sure what we'll do but I know it won't be going to work!  Maybe I can sleep in even.  I hope you're having a great 3-day weekend too!

Update:  I had a cookie encounter.  It wasn't good.  I will not speak of this again.  Going to bed.  Tomorrow is a fresh start.


  1. You have had a lot going on in your life lately. It is easy to get into the food when things are scary.

    I love to swim but I'm not so great at the run. It's always downhill for me in the Tri standings -- I'm best at swim, pretty good on the bike, and a tail-end-of-the-pack runner. I don't think it's possible to feel strong in everything.

  2. Sometimes it's hard not to indulge in things you shouldn't have. The main thing is you are getting right back on track and you are exercising. I am new to blogging and I have lost my weight and gotten to my goal several times to go back up. I am trying to lose again and keep it off this time.


  3. I am sick with myself for over indulging week. today is a Monday and a fresh start.

    my sister lives in Santa Cruz and looooooves it!


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