Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up and Monday Munchies

The visit with my brother was fun, especially for my heart.  I hope we get to spend more time together in the coming years.  I loved watching him interact with the kids.  They're already asking when he's going to visit again.  And of course I enjoyed talking shop as far as exercise and eating goes.  Truthfully, I could not maintain his type of diet.  Or maybe I should say I choose not to.  Super clean eating 99% of the time is probably 19% too often for me. 

On Saturday we went for a hike around Lake Lagunitas.  The weather was pristine and the kids were full of energy.  I'd packed lunch for the kids and picked up Chipotle for the adults for a picnic along the way. 

There was talk of going to see a movie Saturday night but in the end we rented one and stayed in, which was just fine by me.  Sunday morning Robert made us shakes and a healthy egg white scramble for breakfast before hitting the road for home.  He left me the Garden of Life Raw powders to start incorporating them into my routine.  Oh, and a blender cup to make them in.  Here's a picture of the shake ingredients and the finished product. 

Powder, almond milk, fruit, yogurt and oats.
The yummy final product.

I was on the fence about my planned 5-mile run.  I'd been coughing kind of a lot the last couple of days and my body felt strangely sore.  Oh and my right hip has been hurting.  Anyway, Miguel had an entire afternoon of stuff planned in preparation for his trip so he gave me the old, "if you want to run you should go now or I might not get back in time for you to run later."  That's about all I need to hear.  I decided to run one loop around my 'hood, which is roughly 2.5 miles and see how I felt.  If I felt good enough, I could do the loop again.

And, most important, I am continuing my 12k training plan of leisurely running.  No pace goals, just run at whatever pace feels good.  You might guess, if you know me, that I ran the whole 5 miles.  But only because I felt good enough.  Around mile 4 I was ready to be done but by that point I was too close to take a shortcut.  Here are my splits, full Garmin stats here.

Look at that weather!  A gorgeous day for a run.  I ran in shorts and a technical t-shirt and couldn't have been more comfortable.  I was so glad I got my butt moving and went on that run.  And my cough is barely noticeable today so maybe the run helped.

Speaking of today, I hit the gym after work.  I wore my Athleta tank top for the second time.  Still feel a bit under-clothed with my shoulders and arms exposed.  One of the gym guys commented, "Your muscles are really starting to show, I can see some real definition."  They've been there for a while now but the tank top is why he's noticing.  I think I need to do some new pics that show my muscles, the last time I did them I was 148, roughly 10 pounds heavier than I am now.  Ohhh, now I'm really curious if I'll notice a difference.

Anyway, I started my workout with 25 minutes on the upright bike, level 8.  I think this is the first time in quite a while that I did my normal workout.  The bike definitely made me work (you better work, work it girl...sorry, couldn't resist) but left me with enough energy for strength training, back/biceps/core.  I managed 3.5 and 3 pullups in two sets.  I think I need a mini-goal of two sets of 5 to give me something to aim for since my three sets of 8 goal seems a bit far off.  I wrapped up with some stretching before heading home.

My food choices were pretty good all weekend and today.  The wheels didn't exactly fall off tonight but I was very conscious of a desire to eat, eat, eat.  I made a big salad to start, hoping that would quell the desire some.  I've really been enjoying Annie's Naturals Gingerly Vinaigrette Lite dressing lately.  Very flavorful.  

Unfortunately the salad didn't seem to help much with my mental appetite.  I ate three pieces of pizza (thin crust with chicken and veggies), though I was probably satisfied after two (and could have eaten four), followed by a lot of random snacking.  I wouldn't call this a binge or anything but it was clearly more food than I needed.   I don't know, I'm not going to think about it too much.  I'm too tired. 

Which is maybe why I overate in the first place.  Either that or I was looking for some comfort.  A hot bath would've probably felt better in the end.  I think I forgot to mention that TTOTM started on Friday evening.  Explains a few things anyway.  Ok, it's nearing 10pm and my eyes are feeling heavy.  Off to bed. 

p.s.  Thanks to all my FB peeps for the workout song recommendations!  I'm looking forward to checking them out. 


  1. you were probably feeling a little "vulnerable" due to your brother leaving and you not knowing how long until you would be able to see him again...kinda like you were feeling a little abandoned, but not really, if you know what i mean? but, 3 pieces of semi-healthy pizza isn't too bad, especially since you did do your whole 5 mile run :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. :-) So glad you got to spend some time with your brother and that your kids got to know him too! On the last post when you talked about his protein shakes and whatnot, I laughed and said to myself...I bet those are staying....guess I was right. :-)

  3. Great insight, Sara!
    Michelle I continue to be terribly jealous of the weather you get to run in! Looking forward to the updated pictures of your "guns"! have a great week.


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