Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Clear Lungs and Rock-n-Roll Race Prep

I never thought I'd be excited about getting a chest x-ray but that was how I felt Monday morning.  I was so hopeful it would be clear.  But having a cold and doing a bit of coughing has made me nervous.  What if I had a pneumonia relapse?  A LOT of people warned me about that.  Anyway, I got the x-ray and then tried to be patient and wait for the doctor's office to call me with results. 

Other than that Monday started with me feeling a bit down about some of my eating choices over the weekend.  I basically had chips and chocolate eggs for dinner on Sunday.  I think I had two bites of normal food and the rest was pure junk.  I told myself that it was an Easter thing and to just move on.  Besides, when the doctor's office called and said my chest x-ray was clear I felt like I got a fresh start.  Woo-hoo, it's on!  I went to the gym after work and started with a 15 minute run on the treadmill at 6.4mph with two 1-minute 7.4mph intervals thrown in.  The run was the best kind of hard.

While running I tried to dream up a pace that I might start the half-marathon on Sunday.  Does 11 minute miles seem too ambitious?  I'm going with a plan to run (except for the hills) until I can't and then do a run/walk combo to the finish.  If I finish, which I sure hope I do.  Going into this with almost zero training is like a good mystery novel.  Can't wait to see what happens!  One thing I know, they'll be lots of music and with any luck a good after-party so fun is sure to be had. 

Which reminds me.  I have a friend who has a big-time job in The City and she was sent two VIP wristbands for the race.  And she gave them to me!!  (Thanks Wendy!!) 

My favorite part of the VIP information docs is where it says, "Important note: Please bring your official ID if you plan to enjoy the VIP bar."  Oh yeah, a post run adult beverage is in my future.  If for whatever reason I don't finish the race, several post-run beverages might be in my future!

I finally took a good, hard look at the elevation chart for the event.  It looks scarier than it is.  I hope.

I know I'll be walking up the hill that leads to the bridge, it's fairly steep.  The rest of it I hope to run.  I love the second half of the race.  Running back over the Golden Gate and then cruising downhill back along the marina should be spectacular!  Which reminds me...weather.  A quick check of the forecast for Sunday and...

No rain!  Well, 10% chance.  61° with a moderate breeze sounds like good running weather to me!  Of course it won't be 61° at the 7am start, I'll be freezing my socks off next to the bay at that hour in San Francisco!  Shorts or capris?  Short sleeves or long?  Well, time to check the Runner's World What to Wear tool.

So the tool suggests to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt if I want to feel cool or a long sleeve shirt if I want to feel in-between.  I think I'll go for in-between.  I don't want to feel like I'm freezing my ass off.  Which I know I'll feel standing there in shorts.  Might go for capris too, we'll see. 

Ack!  I can't believe I'm running a half-marathon on almost no training.  Oh well, life is nothing if not interesting and I'm very excited to be participating in the inaugural Rock-n-Roll half-marathon for San Francisco.  I've read so many race reports from Rock-n-Roll runs and they seem like such fun!

Oh boy, back to yesterday's gym visit.  After the treadmill I did legs/shoulders/core for strength training.  My legs are still weaker than they were but I'm slowly working my way back.  The biggest thing are my jump squats.  Partially because of my back too, but my jumps have me barely leaving the ground whereas before they were all JUMP! squats.  Now they're like (whisper) jump (/ whisper) squats.  But I can still do them and that's good enough for now.  I've been loving working my shoulders lately.  I'm upping my dumbbells to 20 pounds next time I do Arnold's.  A challenge, but one I know I'll enjoy.

Today my eating was a bit more on track.  I had my Kashi Go-Lean for breakfast and a cheese stick and banana for a mid-morning snack.  For lunch I was out in the field so I picked up a deli sandwich and enjoyed the lovely weather and beautiful surrounds in Southern Marin.  I only ate half the sandwich and saved the other half for later.  Later back at the office I had a half of a large chocolate chip cookie.  And just before the gym my stomach was growling so I had a few Shot Bloks I found in my car.  

At the gym I rode the upright bike for 15 minutes.  Man, it's still killing me!  And then back/biceps/core.  My back is still tender so I took it easy on some things but I did everything, just with lower (or no) weights on back extensions and decline crunches.  We'll see how my back feels in the morning but so far tonight it's good.  Dinner was a bit off course but can I call it carb-loading for the half?  LOL, if it's not one excuse, it's another.  

Before I go just want to mention that Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is casting.  If you're interested in being on the show check out their casting site: http://extrememakeovercasting.com/home


  1. Oh, I'm so happy you get to run the rock n roll! What a great experience it's going to be. And remember, hill fear is mostly in your mind. If I read the elevation profile correctly, it's only 200 ft. You can so do that, whether it's running or walking. You are an athlete now, and even recovering from pneumonia you are strong, your body is strong. Have fun and if you think of it, please send a hello to me across the ocean as you cross the bridge.
    Love you!

  2. Michelle, your excitement is absolutely CONTAIGIOUS! I can't wait for your race report next week. Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss - I thought I was the only one who watches that! It's so well-done, not exploitative, and they are very ... what's the word?... "gentle"? Yeah, gentle with their clients. I really enjoy it.

  3. I have never seen the Runner's World What to Wear Tool. That is great! Good luck on the the half!

  4. It's good to hear that you are trying your luck at the race. Sometimes participation is more important than winning. It makes more determined and also boosts your metabolism. The half marathon seems to participated by many people who are looking forward to lose some weight.


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